About Me | Ashley Varner
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I’m Ashley! Believer. Wife. Mom. Worship Leader. Christian Teacher. I encourage women to reach new heights in Christ so they can live out God’s best TODAY!

Ashley Varner | Faith, Family, Health, Ministry

I want God to use me. Every. Single. Day.

Right now, I’m growing closer to my Jesus everyday, enjoying life with my husband, and watching my two sweet boys grow.  But just a few years ago, the idea of being fulfilled in Christ was only a dream.  I was a new mom struggling with my body image, my messy home, and my past, I began wondering if I even had a purpose in God’s plan. I wasn’t living intentionally and my life was passing me by.

I wanted a life filled with God’s joy, good health, and Kingdom purpose. But I knew that in order to have that life, things had to change. So I went to the Lord and instead of asking Him to change my circumstances, I asked Him to change ME.

Now, I lead other women to experience new heights in Christ. And I want to help you find your God-given passion, and equip you to use that passion to make an impact on the Kingdom of God.

I’m here to help you impact your world for Christ. YOU are in the ministry! That ministry could be through your local church, in your home, mentoring, anything! If you’re serving Christ, then you are in ministry.

How You Can Get Started

Graceful Balance

Take a 180 degree turn to determine what’s important to you and discover how striving for balance in your life will propel you forward.

Reevaluate Your Priority

You will reevaluate your ONLY priority and that will help you determine what your true goals are. Trust me, you’ll be surprised!

Redesign Your To Do List

This course will walk you through redesigning your to do list, so you actually get done everything you need to get done.

Rethinking Organization

Lead with Heart: Home Edition

I’ll help you rethink organization so you have more time to reconnect with the right people!