The Best Yes In Ministry | The Graceful Life
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The Best Yes In Ministry

Awhile back, I felt the Lord calling me to give up a specific ministry.

It was a ministry I had been involved in for a long time, but my focus of ministry had taken a shift in a different direction, and I knew I was serving in this area out of obligation instead of God’s leading.



I let go of my place in that ministry, but a few months later, there was a need in that ministry, and I decided to step back in.

Fast forward a few months, another need arose at my church that was in perfect alignment with my focus of ministry and with my talents. I was one of few people who could take on this project.

But I couldn’t. Because there was no room on my plate to take on the project.

I sat watching the project fizzle because of no action. No one was available to take on such a big assignment.

Over the next several months in my prayer time, I felt the burden on my heart get heavier and heavier for this new project. It was something imperative for the church that needed done, and nothing was happening on it.



I finally made the hard decision to step down from the first ministry, in order to free up time to serve on this new project.

And you know what? At the time I stepped down, God had already filled the position I was leaving.

It was as if He was saying, “You should have listened to Me and trusted Me to take care of My business.”

That’s really want it came down to. Sure, I listened to Him when I stepped down, but I didn’t take the next step of faith and trust Him to take care of the position I knew wasn’t my job to fill.



If you’re like me, you don’t have a problem saying yes to serving. You know that it’s your duty and privilege to serve God’s people and you want to do it to the best of your abilities.

And likely, you’re good at a lot of different things. Maybe you sing, maybe you teach. If so, there’s a lot of areas that you can serve.

But it’s so important to learn to choose the best over the good. This lesson was a biggie for me. It taught me to not only listen to His voice, but then have the courage to follow through.

If I hadn’t stepped into that first position again, I would have had the time to invest in that big project sooner.

But aren’t you thankful that even when we don’t get it right, God has a way of teaching us through our mistakes?

I know I am!



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