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Why You Don't Need an Hour to Have a Great Bible Study | Bible Study Method for Moms |

Bible Study Methods for Moms

Let’s talk about Bible study for moms. I don’t know about you ladies, but before I had kids, my Bible study time was amazing.  I’m not saying that to brag, but it was everything I had always imagined my Bible study time should look like.

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I would be underneath a blanket with a cup of tea just reading and devouring God’s word and meditating on it while listening to worship music and praying. It was just this beautiful time between me and the Lord.

I usually didn’t have to go to work until around 9:30 or 10. So that’s what my mornings looked like.

Bible Study After Kids

Then I had kids and my idea of Bible study time changed completely because I went from tons of time with Jesus to hardly any quiet time at all.

My boys are 10 and a half months apart and they are the joy of my life, but they are also like little hurricanes all over the place.

It really changed the way that I studied the Bible because once you have little kids around, you’re getting up a lot during the night, your focus is different, and you have a lot more things to worry about.

This post is for all of the moms out there who, whenever January first came around said, “I really want to get back into reading God’s word. I want to have that time because it is important to me.”

Let’s talk a little bit about how you can study God’s word as a mom. You want to find the right amount of time for it to be beneficial for you, because we don’t want to just read God’s word and then not have it be effective in our life.

We want to find that sweet spot between spending tons of time and not having any time at all.

How much time should you be spending whenever you’re having time with the Lord? How much time should you plan for?

How to Find Time to Pray as a mom, bible study for moms, devotions for moms

Commit to a Specific Amount of Time With God

The first tip I have for you is to pick an amount of time that you can commit to.

That’s the biggest factor, especially for busy moms.

I want you to think about what your life looks like right now and just give a small amount of time that you can commit to every day, that is a starting point for you.

If you decide on five minutes, don’t think that just because that’s five minutes this week that that’s all it’s ever going to be.

Don’t think that God is just counting how many verses you read or how many minutes that you spend.

He cares way more about you than that. That’s not what His focus is.

Watch this Video on the TEA Method of Bible Study!

It gives tips and shows the TEA method in action! (To skip straight to the TEA Method, go to minute 19.)

Schedule It, Then Write it Down

Whenever you commit to that amount of time, I want you to schedule it on your calendar or in your phone, like a meeting. I have different appointments that happen on a regular basis and I have them set up as recurring tasks.

Bible Study Methods for Moms |

You can add a task to your phone by going to the calendar on your phone, choose the day, press the little plus button, add the event, and put the time of the event or task, and even add a location.

If you choose repeat, you can pick every day, every weekday or you can customize it to fit your needs.

You can put it in your calendar just like a regular meeting and that will help you to prioritize that in your life because it’s on your calendar.

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Include Praise and Worship as Part of Your Time With God

Next, whenever you’re thinking about how much time you should be spending in Bible study, I don’t want you to forget the times that you are praising throughout the day.

You are spending time with God when you’re listening to Christian praise and worship music throughout your day.

My husband loves just clicking on Youtube playlists and listening to praise music from those.

There are a lot of songs that come directly from phrases in the Bible and so you can make worship a part of your day.

Bible Study Methods for Moms |

This lengthens your Bible study time. It may not be traditional Bible study like we would normally think of, but it’s a way to keep God at the forefront of your mind throughout the day.

Include Your Kids

Another way that you can spend time in Bible study is to include your kids.

My boys and I like to memorize scripture every week. It started with me wanting them to memorize scripture and then I realized that as I was working with them, I was memorizing verses myself.

I have a program that you can go check out in my shop. It is called Hidden in My Heart and it’s made specifically for kids.  It’s an App that you click on and it gives them a verse and how they can apply it to their life.

Bible Study Methods for Moms |

Once you grab it, you have lifetime access to it, and it is super easy to use.

You’re creating a bond with your kids while you’re studying the Bible together, and those are going to be memories that stick with them.

Whenever you’re thinking of Bible study time as a mom, one of the biggest questions is where do you find the time?

You’re probably thinking, “Every single minute of my day feels like it’s already planned out for me, and if I have five minutes, I just want to take a shower.” You know, I get it. I was there too, and there are ways that we can find time to study God’s word.

Finding Time to Study God’s Word

Don’t Just Get Up Earlier: Have a Plan

The first might be getting up a little bit earlier. And having a plan can help motivate you on getting up earlier.

If you just set your clock to get up super early but you don’t have a plan for what you’re going to read then it’s going to be hard to get up.

Bible Study Methods for Moms |

If you have a specific plan and decide you’re going to spend 10 minutes in God’s Word, then you’re going to pray for 5 minutes, and then you’re going to pick a verse that you want to memorize, it will make getting up early more worthwhile.

How to Find Time to Pray as a mom, bible study for moms, devotions for moms

Wait Until the Kids Are Asleep

If mornings aren’t the best time for you, you may try right after the kids go to bed.

Once you’ve put your kids to bed, it can be tempting to pick up all the toys or wash clothes, but before you do that, just carve out 10 minutes to read your Bible.

Another way it could be done is while your kids are napping. If your kids no longer take naps, think of something for them to do that will keep them busy for ten minutes.

Maybe have them go outside and jump on the trampoline while you’re sitting outside on the grass and reading your Bible.

Or let them have a treat by watching their favorite cartoon while you get your Bible study time.

Have Older Kids Read Their Bible While You Read Yours

As your kids get older, you can get them to read their Bibles while you read yours.

My boys have to read for so many minutes after school anyway because their teachers are wanting them to build that habit.

My older son has a regular NIV Bible for Kids and he reads directly from there.

My younger son, who’s in the first grade, has more of a children’s Bible and there are some pictures in there for him to look at.

Other Great Bibles for Kids:

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Let them see and let them begin to have a love for God’s word while you’re doing the same thing. You can help give your kids some guidance with their Bible reading by helping them search for stories that might be of interest to them.

Bible Study Methods for Moms |

What to Do During Bible Study Time

Another question a lot of women ask me about Bible study is, what do I do with my time?


For your Bible study time decide what you’re going to read ahead of time. Have a plan and mark it out.

Bible Study Methods for Moms |

Have your Bible ready by the side of your bed, or where ever you plan to read in the morning.

Spend Time in Prayer

After having your Bible reading, pray.

Get out your prayer journal, write out some requests before the Lord and put down what you feel that He’s teaching you, and then spend time listening.

Bible Study Methods for Moms |

Listen for God’s Voice & Journal

Sometimes we plow through the first two things and we forget to listen.

We forget to just sit quietly and let God’s word wash over us and let our prayers be known to Him and then waiting to hear from Him.

Don’t neglect that part and don’t try to rush through it.

If you can only set aside ten minutes you can read for three minutes, pray for three minutes, and then listen for the rest of the time just letting God speak to your heart, because He will.

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It takes time to learn to hear God’s voice, but once you start recognizing it, you’re going to be hearing it more and more.

The words on the page are going to come alive to you as you start listening to God’s voice. I want you to know that God is most concerned about you living out His word and applying His word to your life.

Bible Study Methods for Moms |

I just want to be clear, God is less concerned about how much time, or how many verses, or how many chapters you spend reading the Bible every day. He’s more concerned about how you let what you read impact your life.

Let God’s Word Change Your Day

Friend,  in the season that you’re in, if 15 minutes is what you have to give God, He can take your little and make it much. As long as you’re using that time and learning how to apply the truth that’s in God’s word to your life, that’s what God cares about most.

Bible Study Methods for Moms |

Mom Faith

I have created an amazing program and it’s all about Bible study for moms. But it goes beyond Bible study methods. You’ll receive lessons on creating a Family Mission Statement, creating goals, how to pray over your home and more!

It’s called Mom Faith and it will transform the way you view your relationship with God.

If you’re tired of your Bible reading just being something on your to do list, then make sure to check out Mom Faith and bring excitement back into your Bible study time.

Make this year the year when Bible study and God’s Word really come to life in your life. And I guarantee you that this is something that will also ripple out to your kids.

If you want to raise kids who:

  • love God’s word
  • can’t wait to read their Bibles
  • have a habit of reading God’s word early in their lives

then make sure that you check out Mom Faith today!

Mom Faith: Bible Study for Moms
Bible Study Methods for Moms |
Bible Study Methods for Moms |
Bible Study Methods for Moms |
Bible Study Methods for Moms |
Bible Study Methods for Moms |