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Bible Study Tips for Beginners

Do you need help with consistency in your Bible study? Or maybe just getting started at all? Today I’m sharing 3 ways you can jumpstart your Bible study! And spoiler alert: you can do this is 5 minutes a day!

Tip 1: Start Small

God is not in heaven checking off a list of books or chapters you’ve read. James 1:22 says, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”

It’s all about applying God’s Word to your life.

What if you spent 5 minutes a day on Bible study and that 5 minutes changed your entire day?

That’s what it’s all about.

That’s why the Bible studies in the Thriving Mom Club are focused on application and not time. There are 3-5 minute daily audio lessons, and weekly videos.

Tip 2: Stay Consistent

It’s okay to use the conveniences of the modern world to help you stay consistent in your Bible reading. There’s no shame in using the Bible on your phone.

That’s a big reason why the TMC Bible Studies are on an app.

Here are some other tricks you can do right now:

Find a time that works:

  • Nap time,
  • Early morning
  • While you’re taking a walk
  • While you’re taking a shower (listening obvi)

Just find a time that works.

The trick to being consistent is to choose an amount of time that you can be consistent with. If all you can commit to is 5 minutes, then start with that and build your faithfulness.

Tip 3: Focus on application

Focus on application.

Bible study is about allowing God’s Word to affect your life.

Start brainstorming and role playing situations where you can use what you learned in God’s Word.

Remember the Bucket principle:

You have a bucket that you feel with the things you watch, read, and listen to. Eventually, when that bucket is tipped over, what’s going to come out?

What you put in your bucket is what will come out.

Get Started with a Free Bible Study!

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Bible Study Tips for Beginners
Bible Study Tips for Beginners