Bring Christ into Your Christmas with These 6 Traditions | The Graceful Life
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Bring Christ into Your Christmas with These 6 Traditions

Today I’m sharing some ideas for traditions that will help you bring Christ into your Christmas. It might not be Christmas yet, but it’s right around the corner! Use these traditions to help your family remember what the season is really about.

Just to be clear, I am not against Santa Clause. We hang up our stockings and set cookies out for Santa, but I make sure that my kids know that Christmas is about Jesus. These traditions have helped my kids understand that.

Bake a Birthday Cake for Jesus

I love this idea! I love making a cake and using it to solidify in my kids’ minds that this is the day we choose to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

This also helps when children are disappointed with the gifts that they are given. Remind them that this isn’t their birthday; it’s Jesus’ birthday.

Attend a Christmas Eve Service

I know a lot of families get together on Christmas Eve to celebrate, and that’s okay. For my husband and I, though, we decided to make it a priority to attend a Christmas Eve church service.

A while back, Christmas was on a Sunday. A lot of people chose not to go to church that day, and I thought that was sad. Christmas is all about Jesus, so what better place to be than in his house?

My church makes the Christmas Eve service special. They have a candle lit service with a reading of the Christmas story. This helps remind my children of the story behind Christmas.

Serve Others

The Bible tells us that Christ came to this world not to be served but to serve. We’re supposed to be Christ-like, so it’s a great idea to try serving others as you celebrate cookies!

Ideas for Serving Others:

  • Making a meal for someone
  • Delivering Christmas cookies to shut-ins
  • Singing carols at nursing homes
  • Volunteer to babysit for people who are Christmas shopping

Make sure that servant-hood is something you’re teaching your kids year around and especially at Christmas.

Going to Look at Christmas Lights

This is another great tradition. Put on some Bible-based Christmas carols and take your kids to see the Christmas lights.

This is a great opportunity to explain to your kids that Jesus is a light for the world. Point out that you can see a house lit up from a far distance when it is dark. Remind them that Jesus’ light shines through them in this dark world.

Act Out the Christmas Story

This is so much fun for kids!

I’ve seen this help my kids bring the Bible to life. When they get to act out the story, it makes it real for them. This especially helpful for tactile and visual learners.

Secret Acts of Kindness for Family Members

This is a tradition we are starting at my house. We’re all going to draw names at the beginning of the Christmas season and make an effort to keep whose name we got a secret.

Then we are going to try to do acts of kindness for each other. The most important part is that we have to do our best to keep it a secret! We’re trying to not let anyone know who is doing the kind things for them.

It’s important to note that Christmas traditions are what you make of them. You can go through the motions and it won’t mean anything, or you can use traditions as teachable moments to invest in your children.

Traditions are great, but the most important thing is to honor Jesus’ birth.

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