Throw Out Comparison | Ashley Varner
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Throw Out Comparison

Comparison was a huge problem in my life for many years.  I would look at celebrities or other moms at the preschool and see how I measured up.

How Comparison Derails Your Weight Loss Efforts

Ultimately, this would end up hurting my weight loss efforts because I would see myself as a hopeless cause and end up binge eating.  When your motivation for losing weight is to look like someone else or to look better than someone else, that motivation won’t last as long as you need it to.


Start seeing your body in a different way.

The best way to start to see a results in your weight loss efforts is to realize that your body is ultimately a gift from God!  When you begin to make healthy choices as a way to honor Him, instead of trying to meet an unrealistic expectation, you will find that your motivation lasts longer.

If you struggle with binge eating or emotional eating, can I recommend a free resource?  I created a video series for breaking free from these destructive eating patterns, and you can access it instantly by clicking here.


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