Conviction vs. Condemnation | Ashley Varner
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Conviction vs. Condemnation

While we strive to live in the grace of God, there will be many MANY times when we fall short.  When we sin, we can feel two things: conviction or condemnation.  Those two feelings come from two very different places.

Knowing the difference between godly conviction and the devil's condemnation | Ashley Varner


Condemnation: This comes from the enemy.  I know this because God’s Word says, “There is NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” (Romans 8:1)

The enemy’s condemnation is typically general in nature and causes you to run from God and His plan.

It’s important to remember that condemnation will tell you that you’ve failed miserably and there’s no way to come back from that.

The enemy will try and convince you that your shortcomings will disqualify you from doing anything for God.  It is like an arm extended to slap you in the face.



Then there is Conviction: This comes from God.

Conviction is typically very specific and causes reconciliation with God.  It is like an arm extended to pick you up when you fall.

Here’s some examples:

Let’s see an example: Say you had a difficult day, and nearing bedtime, you were impatient with your kids and shouted at them.

Condemnation from the enemy sounds similar to this, “You really messed up.  What kind of a mother are you? How can you go teach a class at church and then come home and yell at your kids? Don’t you know that they’re a gift from God? How could you be so careless? You won’t ever be a good mother. It’s likely that you won’t ever get to the point where you can have patience with them.”

In stark contrast, conviction from the Lord will sound something like this, “Child, come to me, I love you.  Tell me how you are feeling, tell me about your difficult day.  Give me your burdens.”

Conviction from the Lord will speak to your heart, “I know that you want to be patient with your children. I know you feel like you’ve messed up.  Take my yoke upon you, for My yoke is easy and light.  Seek Me and My ways and soon My patience will be a part of your nature, too.”

God is a God of Reconciliation

See the difference?

God will always seek reconciliation with you.  2 Corinthians 5:19 says, “For God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, no longer counting people’s sins against them.”

When we listen to the conviction of the Holy Spirit instead of the condemnation of the enemy, we begin to move closer to God and He uses our mess-ups as tools to shape us more and more into the likeness of His Son.

As Christians, we can walk in the grace of God when we mess up.

Does that mean that we can sin without consequences? No. But when we are seeking after God and slip up, there is grace.

God’s arm of grace extends to us to bring us back to Him.


The Only Way to Determine the Truth from a Lie

If you want to be sure to know the difference between God’s conviction and the enemy’s condemnation, then you need to be in the Word.

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Digital Bible Reading Plan | Ashley Varner

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