Lose 10 lbs in 3 days | Diets Undelivered Promises | Ashley Varner
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Lose 10 lbs in 3 days | Diets Undelivered Promises

Lose 10 pounds in 3 days with this simple trick! How many times have you seen a diet claim something like that and been hopeful that in 72 hours you could be ten pounds lighter?
How many times has the diet delivered on its promise?
You are one of a kind. Your body is like no one else’s on this earth. So there is absolutely no way that one diet could work for everyone. Because God is so wise, He came up with a way for each body to regulate itself.
As a Certified Christian Life and Wellness Coach, I’m constantly learning more about how the mind, spirit, and body are connected.  And the more I study the body, the more I’m amazed at how intelligent God made it. He created each of our bodies with a specialized, custom-made system that is as unique as we are. And when we learn that system, weight loss becomes natural and easier (with way less stress and ZERO calorie counting).
I know what you’re thinking…not another diet…not another weight loss plan that ends up in overeating.
I get it.  Because, I’m a woman who has been where you are. You’ve tried every diet and feel hopeless that you’ll ever lose weight. You doubt your will power and self-control. You’ve prayed that God would just make the pounds melt off, and then maybe even get angry that He doesn’t.
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There’s hope!

I know where you are because I’ve been where you’ve been. But after 20 years of dieting (I started at age nine, after all), I finally found hope and it comes from eating and living the way God intended from the start.
I want to help you do that. I want to walk alongside you as you rediscover the optimal way your body works, you’ll experience peace, more energy, and yes weight loss. But more than any of that, you’ll learn to love your body the way God does, and you’ll experience the joy of knowing that you are lining up what you believe with the way you eat and move.
If you’re interested in finding out more about my latest 90 Day program, then click here!
In this program, you will:
  • Get lifetime access to videos to watch at your own pace that guide you through the process of eating the way God intended.
  • Learn about your body’s unique signals to get you to your healthiest natural weight.
  • Find out why the diet industry doesn’t want you to lose weight.
  • Ditch cravings and discover what foods you actually love eating.
  • Get worksheets to put what you learn into action.
  • Develop a winning mindset to battle the enemy’s attempts to keep you chasing after the latest diet.
Freedom is possible, to be honest, it’s not only possible, but it’s your right as a child of God. Check out this program to get started living out that freedom today!

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