Welcome to Graceful Life Podcast | Ashley Varner
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Welcome to Graceful Life Podcast

In today’s episode, I’m letting you in on some big news! My new podcast!  I’ll be sharing a little about my life as a wife and mom!  Giving you all the details about what you can expect from each episode and give you a special gift!

I hope you’ll join me, and listen as I introduce you to The Graceful Life!

Info from the Show

  • Get an inside look into Ashley’s life
  • Find out how you can live out the four main areas of your life with grace
  • Plus get a free gift at the end of the episode

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Hey there, you’re listening to the Graceful Life Podcast, were women learn to balance their families, health, work, and ministry with grace. All without sacrificing their own relationship with the Lord. I’m your host Ashley Varner. I’m a Jesus girl, a wife to my high school sweetheart and business partner, and mom to the two sweetest boys I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I invite you to join me each week for some real life talk, encouragement, and grace. So grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started.

Welcome to episode 00, the welcome episode of the Graceful Life Podcast. I am your host Ashley Varner. And in this first episode, what I would like to do, is just tell you a little bit about me. What I do, the way that I live, how my family works, and my ministries work. And just tell you a little bit about how this podcast is gonna work, and the episodes that we’re gonna cover, and the kind of topics and things that we’re gonna touch on.

So, I wanted to start off first by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Ashley Varner, I am first and foremost a Jesus follower, I love the Lord. I seek for him to use me in service every day and I am just so thankful that he has saved my life, and changed me completely, and he is my number one. And so, I am a wife to Devon, he is my high school sweetheart, we’ve been married almost 12 years, and we serve together, we work together, we actually own a business together, and we serve the Lord together, we parent together. We have two little boys, they are Lincoln and Emmett and they’re 10 and a half months apart. And at the time of this recording they are five and six years old, and in kindergarten and first grade, and we are just having a blast with them. This age just seems like, it just gets better and better. So I’m really thankful for my little family. My family and I live in Colorado and we are just surrounded by mountains on ever side, it’s a beautiful place to live. On my front porch I can see mountains, on my back porch I can see mountains, it’s just 360 degree views, I love it.

So a little bit about my background. I have been serving the Lord since I was about three years old. And I went, after high school, I went to bible college at Southwestern University, and there I received degrees in both the Bible and in church and family ministry. I have been in ministry for about as long as I can remember. I’m a credential minister in my denomination, going on 11 years now, and I’ve been ministering to kids, and women, and family’s for a long time. I’m the worship at my church, I speak several times a year, I teach several classes each week at my church, and I blog over at Ashelyvarner.com. And then, I serve on serval committees and lead serval teams.

But above all that, and before all that, I am someone who knows what it’s like to want to be used by the Lord, and to really want to serve him, and to make an impact on the Kingdom, and I know that, that is what you want to do. On top of everything that we have going on, running a business, and parenting our kids, and being super involved at our church, my husband and I, like I said, we own a business with about a dozen employees and we also decided to try our hand at farming. So we have purchased, just recently, about 25 acres of land that my husband farms for fun, so as you can see, I’m super busy, and the thing is I know I’m not the only one. Maybe your schedule looks a little bit different than mine, maybe you have elderly parents that really need help, or maybe you work two jobs with kids, or maybe you’re a single mom.

In all of our lives, it seems like there’s one common factor in women, is that we’re just super busy. And we wear so many hats, it’s not just a regular to-do list and marking the stuff off, but there’s just so many things that we have on our minds, and on our hearts. And I’ve actually learned kind of how to balance all these different facades of my life and it’s definitely been by God’s grace. And so, it has been a desire of mine to live a graceful life, to be able to move from one aspect of my life seamlessly into another, and make sure that nothing is missing. And so, that is part of why I started this podcast because I want to share with you, and encourage you, and lift you up so that you can do the same thing. Because truly there are different things, we wear so many hats, and there’s so many things on our minds that just span beyond … they’re just so much bigger, and so much more important to us than just a to-do list.

And so, I would lay my head down at night … and I know there’s several women like me that are the same way, I would lay my head down at night and I would still have so many concerns on my life, on my mind. And no matter I got done that day, whether I was able to get my entire to-do list done or not, I still would go to bed thinking about all the things that I still needed to do, or all the things that I still wanted to be. See, I worried about my kids learning God’s word, and I obsessed about my weight, and I felt guilty that I hadn’t spent as much time with the Lord, that particular day, that I wanted to. And at the root of it all I wondered if I was really even living out God’s purpose for my life.

All of those concerns were the birth of this podcast because I know that if you’re a Christian woman you want your relationship with the Lord to be number one. But it seems like there’s just so many priorities in our life’s and it can be super easy to live life’s without his grace. So we’re wanting to serve him, and we’re wanting to move forward, and to meet goals, and to take care of our families, and all these different things that come up. And what we don’t realize is that whenever we start with God’s grace, when we seek first his righteousness, then everything else is gonna be added on.

And so, this podcast is really going to be covering four main facets of life, and I’m going to show you … I’m going to talk about each of those four today, and then we’re going to be kind of jumping back and forth between these different things throughout the episodes of this podcast.

So the first facet of every Christian woman’s life is their faith. Sometimes that is the last thing that we end up doing, that’s the last thing that we end prioritizing. And so, we’re gonna start with building our faith, spending time with the Lord, figuring out when you can fit that time in and learning how to schedule it, and learning how to study the Bible. We’re gonna talk about prayer and how everything stems from your relationship with the Lord. So if you’re a woman in ministry, and you are not focusing on your faith, that’s gonna be a concern for you because you’re not going to be able to live out what God wants you to do, unless you are first focusing on that. So we’re definitely gonna be covering how to build your faith, even while you’re serving.

The second facet of your life is your kingdom impact. I am a firm, firm believer that God has a purpose for everyone, and you might not even realize the passions that he has put into your life are not just there for your enjoyment, but they’re there to minister to other people. So maybe you have a huge interest in cooking, or maybe fashion, or writing, whatever those things are, God has given them to you, God has given you those passions for a purpose. And so, we’re gonna be talking about how you can impact God’s kingdom because that’s truly what we’re here for. If you are serving the Lord, then you’re called into ministry, and it might look different than a traditional form of ministry but you are called. And so, we’re gonna be talking about that in this podcast.

The third area that we’re gonna be talking about is your home and family. So, I believe that every woman is called, but the biggest mission field that you have is the people who are under your own roof. You as a mom, as a wife, have the capability to influence the atmosphere of your home. And so, we’re going to talk about how to raise kids up in the knowledge of the Lord. And we’re gonna teach … I’m gonna be sharing and having guest on that are gonna teach you how to create a home that is a launching pad for your family. Because there’s two things that I really want my home to be. The first is, I want to be a safe haven for my family. When they walk in those door after work, or after school, I want them to know that this is a safe for them. It’s a safe place for them to learn, to grow, to make mistakes. But also, I want my home to be a launching pad for my family.

I want my kids to look back, whenever they have grown up and they’re already doing their own thing, and they’re living their own life’s, and I want them to look back and say, “You know what, the things that my parents did when I was at home, even from a young age, were propelling me forward to reach this world, and to influence my world.” I do not believe that any child is too young to influence their world and that is how my husband and I have raised our boys, even in this short time, in these short life’s that they’ve had so far. My children have … I have had the blessing of one year having them both receive the Lord as their savior, and just really being able to teach and to train them. So that’s an area of our life’s that we’re definitely gonna be talking about.

The fourth and final area, is having a healthy mind and body. There are so many different views on diets, and body acceptance, but what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna learn how to have a healthy body so that we are able to do the things that God has called us to do because that’s really the reason for it, it’s not to fit into a bikini, it’s not to get revenge on an ex-boyfriend or whatever, like a lot of those motivations that we sometimes hear with losing weight. But getting healthy and having a healthy mind, taking thoughts captive, learning to say no to the flesh, is all about having a body that’s capable of actually doing and acting out the things that God has called you to do. I never want my body or my weight to be a reason that I say no to something that God called me to do. I always want to be at a place where I’m strong for my task. So, we’re gonna be talking about all those things. We’re gonna be talking about how to live life’s that are full of grace, and all those four areas of our life’s.

So I know that you’re busy because I am to, so I’m going to respect your time and keep each episode between about 15 and 25 minutes long. You know, sometimes we’re diving into a topic, or I have a guest the podcast, it might run a little bit longer. But most of the time you’ll be able to listen to an entire episode while you’re driving to work, or while folding a load of laundry, or taking a walk because I want this to be something that’s not a to-do list. I want it to be something that you can do while you are doing other things. So you can be learning, and growing, and being encouraged while you’re doing other things.

Now each month we’re gonna have a focus on the podcast, and you can go over to Ashleyvarner.com and read blog post that go along with that focus, as well. But each month we’re gonna have this kind of big idea, and then each week of that month we’re gonna go over a façade of that. So, I’m excited to tell you about February’s topic, and the topic that we have for February is, “You are called.” Like I said a little bit ago, I am a huge believer that anybody who has accepted the Lord as their savior is in full time ministry. And so, I’m gonna be diving deep into that in the first episode. Right away we’re gonna jump right into it and just really … I’m gonna share my heart about what it means to be called by the Lord and what full time ministry really is.

So I wanted to come in to say, since this is the first day of the Graceful Life Podcast, and this is our launch day, I want to give you a present. So if you head over to Ashleyvarner.com/graceful:balance, you can sign up for my free mini course, it’s called Graceful Balance, and what it does is it takes you through steps on how you can set goals, and how you can figure out your to-do list. You’re gonna discover and really take a 180 degree turn of what you always though of productivity, and goal setting, and really find a new way to set tasks and to experience peace and balance in your life because it is possible. It’s possible to do everything that you have been called to do, to finish your to-do list and still have balance in your life, and not be just super focused on one area of your life. But we’re gonna be talking a lot about balance. So if you head over there … I’ll actually put this link in the show notes as well. But if you go over there you can log in right in, you can enroll, you don’t have to put in a credit card or anything like that. You just sign up, you put in a login so that you can go into the course and work at it at your own pace.

So that is my gift to you. You can go ahead and check that out. I will be back with episode one very soon. And I just am so looking forward to walking on this journey with you. As you listen, and as I’m sharing, and giving you encouragement so that you can really live out a life that’s full of God’s grace, and full of his love, and really just letting that ripple out so that it doesn’t just effect you but it effects your family, it effects your circle of influence, so that we can impact the world together. I have been praying for you, so if you’re watching this, you have been prayed for. And you are in the right place if you are wanting to grow in the Lord, learn how to live your life with grace in your faith, learning how to have more of an impact on the kingdom of God. Learning how to balance and live out your home life and your family life with grace. And how to create a healthy mind and let that lead to a healthy body, so that you’re able to do all the things God is called you to do.

So I’m excited and I can’t wait to talk to you soon. Thanks for listening today. I hope you enjoyed this episode, if you did head over to iTunes and leave a review because every rating and review that listeners like you leave on iTunes, helps other women find this podcast and discover how they can live their life’s with grace. Don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there. If you have a question or comment about this episode, then go ahead and send me an email to [email protected], or you can connect with me over on Facebook or Instagram. I’d love to hear from you. Until then, I’ll see you next week.

Thanks for joining me!

Thanks so much for joining me! I’m so excited to get to know you through your comments and I hope you’ll join the conversation in the Girl of Grace Group!

If you’ve loved this episode, help me reach more women by heading over to iTunes and leaving a rating and review. And, be sure to subscribe while you’re there!

If you have a question, comment or a suggestion about today’s episode, or the podcast in general, send an email to ashley(at)ashleyvarner(dot)com or connect with me over on Facebook or Instagram!

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