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Fill Your Cup

Growing physically happens in the background, but growing spiritually doesn’t. We have to be intentional about growing in Christ.

In this post, I’ll be sharing the reason that we need to fill our spiritual cups and how we can learn to serve others from of the overflow.

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I’ve mentioned in other posts that I believe every woman is called into ministry, and we’ve been talking about growing in Christ all this month.

Keeping with that topic, today we are going to talk about keeping your cup full.

My Cup?

When you are in ministry, you are constantly pouring yourself into the hearts and lives of others. You are letting God’s love flow through you so that it can touch those around you.

The thing is, that leaves us in a place where we need filling back up as well, and we often have the misconception that it is the pastor’s job or possibly the worship leader’s job to do this for us.

While I’m not saying that the pastor’s sermon cannot help to fill your cup, ultimately, it is up to us to go after God and continue being poured into.

Fill Your Cup | #ChristianMom #BeingRenewed

One of Our Biggest Struggles

One of the things that I have found many Christian women struggle with seems very basic, and it’s reading the Word on a consistent basis.

This is especially tough for women who are Christian teachers and are teaching from the Bible or frequently reading for study. The reason for this is because reading for study is not the same thing as reading for love.

Reading consistently often can feel like a checklist, especially if you are rather familiar with the Bible. It’s difficult to find a fresh perspective, and if you’ve been reading for study, you’re looking at the word with a “different set of eyes.”

What I mean by that is that you look at it from a more analytical or educational sort of view as opposed to something that you are doing for joy. It’s a lot like how you might feel if you’re reading a history book versus reading a novel.

Fill Your Cup | #ChristianMom #BeingRenewed

To change this perspective, I often encourage others to grab a different translation or consider listening to audio versions. There are even versions that are dramatized versions that give the reading a more “story-like” feel to them.

Reading God’s word for love will help to fill our cups so that we can continue to pour into others through service for Him.

Stay Connected

Another way that we can stay filled is by staying connected. The enemy of an overflowing heart is isolation. I’ve dealt with this myself.

Fill Your Cup | #ChristianMom #BeingRenewed

I used to feel that I didn’t have any friends, and I would pray for God to give me some. I looked at the women who were in my life, and I will, sadly, admit that I had a little bit of ageism in my thinking.

I felt as though I needed friends who had kids with similar ages as mine, or were mothers like me, were closer to my age, or who had husbands that would get along with my husband.

But, as God opened my heart and made me realize that I needed to be intentional about cultivating relationships with others, I realized that friends come in all different ages and types, and they can all give you opportunities to learn.

If you feel that you are lacking friendship, consider looking around at the relationships that you are already in and try to cultivate them. You will never believe some of the gems that are right in front of you that just need a little time spent polishing the relationship.

You can also connect with other women through online communities. For example, I have my Facebook group, Girl Of Grace. It has about 700 women in it at the moment, and it’s a great place to share prayer requests and give encouragement.

Fill Your Cup | #ChristianMom #BeingRenewed

Have Fun

Another way to make sure that your cup stays full is to have fun. Find something that you enjoy doing that you can do on a consistent basis.

Maybe you enjoy arts and crafts or cooking new, exciting meals. Even playing games with your kids or vacations with your family help you to unwind, refresh, and renew.

My husband likes to sit down with our boys every few days and help them to sort their Legos. It seems crazy, but they have so much fun finding the different shapes and colors together, and it really helps him to wind down.

You Can’t Be Filled If You’re Already Full

Remember that God cannot fill your cup if you have already filled yourself with other things.

You have to go to God first in whatever way works best for you. Take a walk and talk with Him, or have a bubble bath and listen to worship music. Just make sure that you are filling yourself with God’s word and love instead of self-medicating with other things like food, shopping, or other issues.

Fill Your Cup | #ChristianMom #BeingRenewed

I hope that this post encouraged you to stay filled and be intentional about asking the Lord to keep your cup overflowing so that you can pour into other people through service for Him.

If you have a question or comment about this post, then send me an email to [email protected] or connect with me over Facebook or Instagram. I’d love to hear from you.

Until then, I’ll see you next week.

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