Faith Food Freedom | Ashley Varner
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Faith Food Freedom

The 90 Day Transformational Program to heal your relationship with food from the inside out!

You’re sick of dieting. But you don’t want to be stuck in a body that you hate.


You want to bring your faith and your fitness together, but every time you try to “be good” and start another diet, you mess-up and end up feeling further away from God than when you started.
And you can’t take it anymore.
Fortunately, there’s a better way.


You can be free and it has nothing to do with calories or carbs.


As a daughter of the King, you have a right to walk in freedom.
. .
Sometimes the hardest part is just figuring out the practical steps to live out that freedom.
My new video course is designed to walk you through the process of breaking free from food’s hold on you. Read on for a sneak peek into what I’ll teach you!


What women are saying about Ashley’s programs…

Are you done with diets?
Then this is the course for you!

Here’s what you’ll get…

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Letting Go of your Faith in Diets

We’ll throw away the things that have been holding you and your weight hostage. And embrace a way of eating that will help you experience freedom right away.


Addessing Your Heart Hunger

This week, I’ll help you face your fears and open your eyes to see how those fears were leading you to food. I’ll also walk you through an life hack you can do anytime anywhere that will change the way you think about food and truth.


Making Peace with Food

This week, we build on the foundations we’ve put in place and look at how God meant for us to view food. We’ll also be examining the truth behind some common roadblocks and how you can detour around them.


Winning the Mindset Battle

Now we’re going to war against the enemy’s attack on your thinking. You’ll discover your #warrior mindset and win the mindset battle for good.


Getting Back to Basics: Physical Hunger

You’ll unpack the science behind God’s way of eating and discover a tailor-made customized plan that is as unique as you are.


Getting Back to Basics: Listening To Your Body

All this week, we’re going to conduct a craving experiment, get more intuitive about our bodes, and learn a sure fire way to rid ourselves of those cravings.


Rediscover a Love of Eating

Food was never meant to be our life, but it was meant to be an enjoyable part of life. We’ve taken food off its pedestal and now we’re going to relearn the art of enjoying food the right way.


A Better Way to Exercise

What if exercise wasn’t a chore? What if you found a soulmate workout that relieved stress instead of caused it? It’s possible! We’ll learn how this week!


Whole Health

Now that food isn’t the enemy anymore, we’ll find the perfect balance of nutrition, sleep, stress reduction, and water. And we’ll get to the heart of real health.


Fighting for Your Newfound Body Acceptance

Protecting your freedom and body acceptance amidst a culture, industry, and media who have a vested interest in you NOT liking your body.

Praying over your home | Ashley Varner


Creating a Full L.I.F.E.

Discover the four ingredients in living a full life and how your fitness, health, and faith can coexist.


Don’t Settle

We’ll wrap up this course with lessons on how to stick with this way of eating (and living!) for life. You’ll also learn how to live in a state of abundance, and focus on a new type of success.

Are you ready to be free?
Sign up for this 12 week program now!

Why me?

Sure, I’m a Certified Christian Life Coach, and I have degrees in the Bible and Counseling, but MORE THAN ALL OF THAT…I’ve been where you are right now.

I loved God and I loved my family. But I didn’t love who I was. I didn’t love the way my body looked or the defeated way I felt. Because I couldn’t love myself, my relationship with God and my relationships with those closest to me were suffering.

It was like I was putting a puzzle together and missing the biggest piece. I didn’t just want to be skinny. I wanted a life transformation: heart, mind, and body.

I went to God and He showed me that missing piece. I surrendered my relationship with food to the Lord, and that day, I traded in my emotional eating for His freedom. I want the same for you! Sign up today, invest in your freedom, and He’ll be faithful to bring you to it!

More praise for Faith Food Freedom…

“When Ashley started coaching me I was desperate to lose weight, get healthy and like myself! Since then I have stopped dieting, started a new relationship with food and invited Jesus into my health journey. Ashley’s direction, encouragement, compassion, and acceptance have paved the way for me to start looking at myself differently, and to thank God (multiple times a day) for the way that He created me. It is Ashley’s transparency and insight into her own struggles along the way that have given me the courage to confront my own faulty beliefs. Ashley’s support and belief in me is a vital part of my health journey and I am so grateful for her!”


Now it’s your turn!
The next 12 weeks of your life can be the turning point you’ve been waiting for!