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Faithful in Little

Recently, I shared that my 2018 word was faithful.

I’ve shared:

And I want to continue on that track and really talk about being faithful in the little things.

Don’t have time to read this post? Then just listen!


So what do you do when you wanna do big things for God, but it just doesn’t feel like anything is coming together?

This is what you do.

You be faithful in the little things.

Luke 16:10 says, “Whoever is faithful with little will be faithful with much.”

Too often we see this verse in the context of money. And yes, that’s definitely important. We have to be faithful in our money, but there’s something even more valuable than money that you can’t make more of, and that’s your time.

And the way that you choose to spend your time is part of being faithful in the little things.


Being faithful right now

If you wanna do big things for God, start living like you already are.

Let me explain.

Say you want to be an author and create Bible studies and speak to big crowds, but every morning you:

  • hit snooze
  • rush off to school or you rush off to your eight to five job
  • gab with your friends during your lunch hour
  • come home, watch TV and then go to bed
  • and it just happens day after day the same way.

I want you to start living like you already are that author and that Bible study teacher.

So how would you do that?

In this instance, you would wake up with purpose. You wake up ready to spend time with the Lord.

During your prayer time you write out some notes and be intentional about what you’re learning.

You come up with Bible study notes that you can share.

You go to work because everybody starts at that place. Whether you have a ministry that you can derive an income from or whether you’re a stay at home mom or whatever it is, we all have our regular stuff that we have to do. We all have our regular jobs.

So you go to work. You do your best. You see that as a ministry.

And then at lunch, you’re more intentional about the way that you spend your time. So maybe instead of gossiping with friends, you could take an online class about the basics of becoming an author.

You could be contacting people. Seeing different avenues and different contacts that you have to move forward into what you feel that God wants you to do.

After work, you could start getting involved in different ministries. Maybe start a Bible study once a week.



It all starts with the little things

Whenever you’re faithful in the day to day things that don’t really seem that important, you’re going to find that they are actually the important things.

My husband and I recently learned this principle in the way that we train new employees. We’ve found that it’s much better if we give them smaller, simpler tasks to master first and then once we’ve seen how they handle those kinds of tasks, we know they’re ready for the big jobs.

Really, we have to look at it like building a house. So those small insignificant tasks, those day to day things that don’t really seem that important, those are the foundation. As we grow and as we start moving forward, we’re building a foundation of being faithful and then when you begin building, you can be confident that it’s on a strong foundation.

Here’s another real life example:

My husband and I also teach this lesson to our children. I work with my boys on making their bed every day, and I’ve done this since they were 2 and 3 years old.

Now, is it really truly important for my kids to make their bed every single day? To be honest, if you just look at the little action, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal.

I mean, they’re just gonna come back and sleep in it again.

But, it’s the heart of the matter.

I want them learning how to be disciplined in their life, even at a young age so that they can build on that foundation.

Every morning I make my bed. I do that because, a made bed sets the day up for success. I recently saw a Facebook thread where people were talking about making beds or not.

I guess some people had some legitimate reasons for not making their bed, but for me, it takes less than a minute to put my bed together after I wake up. I have tons of pillows on my bed, so if you don’t have all the frilly stuff on your bed, it probably takes way less time.

For me, if I leave my bed messed up, then it’s easier for me to throw dirty clothes on the floor. It’s easier for me once I open a drawer to leave it open. It’s almost like making my bed is a catalyst for having an orderly morning.

So whenever I make my bed and my bed looks all nice and pretty, I don’t really want a lot of dirty clothes on the floor. So I’ll make sure that I put them in the hamper. If those kind of things are done, then I’m not going to have a big pile of clothes in the hamper, I want to throw them in the laundry. So even though it’s a small thing, it’s what you build everything else on.


The small things effect the big ones

Whenever I think about my kids and teaching them, it’s not really so super important that they make their bed every single day, if I’m really honest.

But what we’re doing is we’re teaching them discipline. Whenever my boys learn that discipline, it becomes easier for them to obey whenever I ask them to do something else or their teacher asks them to do something.

And that will go with them throughout their life, and it will throughout your own. I guarantee you. So if you haven’t made your bed today, go make your bed. It will help you. I promise.


Faithful in your everyday health decisions

Another way that we can be faithful in little is in our health.

So I want you to consider this example and this mind picture:

I want you to imagine climbing a mountain.

Where I live in Colorado, there are mountains surrounding me completely. I can look out my front porch and see mountains. I can look out my back porch and see mountains and looking at them, it seems like there’s no way that you could climb them.

It just seems like this impossible feat. But I want to ask you a question.

How do you climb a mountain?

Answer: You do it one step at a time.

Sometimes, our health goals whether they’re to lose weight or better our personal best time, or even dealing with an eating disorder or some other kind of health issue, they can seem insurmountable.

We look at that big picture, we see that mountain and it paralyzes us from even trying to make a change.

Instead of working on the little things and being faithful in the little things, we look at that mountain and it ends up scaring us so much that we don’t even take the first step.

So I want you instead to make a commitment for today. Make a commitment for the next meal, for the next workout and then stay faithful in that little.

Like I said, it’s the day to day little things that we think are insignificant when really, they’re the building blocks to get us where we want to be.

There has never been anyone who has lost a huge amount of weight or bettered their personal best time better without doing the little things. Without doing the work and putting in the work day after day. Even in the tasks and the skills that don’t really seem that important.

So make a commitment for today in your health.

If you say, “Ashley, I’m reading this and it’s 4:00pm and I already messed up, it’s too late to make a commitment for today,” well…make a commitment for the next meal.

Make a commitment for the next workout and then once you do that, once you’re faithful with that, then commit to one more.

And commit to one more.

And commit to one more.

You’re going to see how when you’re faithful with little, when you’re faithful to do the small things that God has asked you to do, then He will be able to trust you with the big things.

And those big things will come easier because you’re used to the day-by-day, putting in the work and being faithful.


Faithful in your thoughts

The last example that I wanted to give you was to be faithful in your thinking.

A few weeks ago we talked about staying healthy emotionally and the same applies here. So maybe you struggle with negative thoughts about yourself or your body. We all struggle with different thoughts. Maybe it is thoughts of insecurity that come up or maybe it’s thoughts of fear. Maybe it’s concerns about your money and being financially secure.

Whatever it is, I want you to think about the small thoughts that come into your mind. Those thoughts that you entertain when you should really let them go.

I’ve definitely been doing this in my own life. Every time I share something, I want you to know it’s not that because I’ve mastered everything.  But it’s because I’m walking in grace knowing that, as long as I’m better than I was yesterday, as long as I’m seeking Him first, then I’m always going to be moving forward.

There was a circumstance recently when someone did something for me and I didn’t really take it as being FOR me. I took it as being hurtful, actually.

I knew this person and honestly, I knew the intent of the person. I knew that they didn’t intend to hurt my feelings. I knew they didn’t mean to make me feel the way that they did. They wanted to help me. Even though everything in my heart wanted to be angry, I had to calm myself down. I had to simmer down and say, “You know what, I see what the intention was here.”

Now that doesn’t mean that you just let things go and you don’t deal with them and you just stuff everything down. That’s not wise either.

But giving someone the benefit of the doubt and knowing that their intentions were right, especially whenever you know someone, is important.

In your thinking, let decisions be made that aren’t 100% connected to emotion, let them be based on your faith.

That’s definitely something that comes easier once you learn to do that with the small things. Say you’re getting used to day-by-day being faithful at taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

Once the big things happen later, you’ve been so trained and so disciplined to be faithful to keep your thoughts as God’s thoughts, that whenever something big happens, you’re already in the process.

You’ve already built that foundation to be faithful with the big things because you’ve been faithful in the little things.

We look at these big, huge, insurmountable things, whether it’s our health, our parenting, or our purpose.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, know that whenever you’re faithful in the day to day, whenever you’re faithful to be in God’s will, doing what He wants you to do, being intentional about the way that you’re living.

That’s when you’re going to start moving forward and you’re going to start seeing progress because whoever can be trusted with a little bit, God will be able to hand them a lot knowing that they’re gonna be trustworthy in that.

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