Great Gift Ideas for Kids (That Aren't Toys) | The Graceful Life
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Great Gift Ideas for Kids (That Aren’t Toys)

Need ideas to help with gift ideas for Christmas? Here are some great ideas for toy-free gifts that your child will love!

Educational Gifts

Help your kids develop a love of learning early on.
Everyone loves to learn about something, you just ahve to help them discover what that is.
Don’t be discouraged if you try one thing and it doesn’t work out, keep trying!

Ideas: Little Passports, Audible Subscription for Older Kids, Groovy Lab in a Box, Spangler Science Club, History Unboxed, Adventures in Odyssey Club, Duolingo

Consumable Gifts

If you’re trying to avoid clutter, then focus on gifts that kids can consume.
Things like art supplies and builder kits.

Ideas: Art supplies, watercolors, KiwiCo: Tinker Crate and Doodle Crate, Green Kid Crafts, The Cooper Kit, Girls Can! Crate

Experience Gifts

There’s a reason quality time is one of the 5 love languages. And we can give that as a gift if we get creative.

I even include things like playgrounds and trampolines to this.

I teach in the Thriving Mom Club that it’s not about the toys, but about you. Your kids will remember the time you spent with them more than anything you buy for them. Make sure that you don’t just send them out, but you use it to, so that you get that quality time.

Ideas: Professional sports game, tour of a museum, special date night out, trampoline, a swimming pool or a pass to a local one