How To Feel Good in Your Skin | Ashley Varner
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How To Feel Good in Your Skin

We all want to feel good in our skin.  But can we do that before we hit our goal weight? In this video, I explain how that is possible. And I’ll also explain why it’s imperative that feeling good in your own skin must come first!


What comes first?

Our mindsets must change before our bodies will. And happiness is not found on the scale.


One of the biggest myths in the diet community is “As soon as I get to a certain size or weight, then I’ll finally be happy.”  But it’s not true. Even if you do get to that weight, there will always be something about your body that you don’t like.


Busting that myth

How do we change that? How do we begin to feel good in our skin? After looking in God’s word, I’ve made a mindset change. I believe that my body, the way it is right now, is worthy of respect and love. And an interesting thing happened when I started to see my body as a gift from God. I began to see it as something I needed to love and treasure. So, I began love my body and be thankful for the things it can do.  Then that mindset shift began changing the way I treated my body, I wanted to take care of it, I wanted to give my best efforts in exercise.


We’ve been tricked into thinking that happiness comes after weight loss. But the truth is that the sooner you begin to enjoy your life the sooner you’ll see changes in your health. Don’t wait until you’ve lost weight to begin living out God’s best. Seek Him first, and all these things will be added to your life.


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