How to Write a Family Mission Statement (and Why You Need One) | The Graceful Life
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Family Mission Statement | #christianmom #christianfamily

How to Write a Family Mission Statement (and Why You Need One)

Welcome back to the blog! Today I want to talk to you about how to create a family mission statement.

An individual mission statement usually outlines your purpose and how you want to live your life.

How to Write a Family Mission Statement (and Why You Need One) #ChristianMom #FamilyMission

Typically, we are supposed to use the statement to influence the choices we make. If something doesn’t line up with our mission statement, we stay away from it.

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The Bible says that if there is no vision the people will perish.  We need a plan and an idea of where we are going to motivate us in our purpose. Our families need a mission statement for the same reasons.

A family mission statement can help get your family on the same page. You can point your family members to the family mission statement and show them the reasons behind the choices you and your spouse make.

5 Steps to Create a Family Mission Statement

Start by calling a family meeting and discussing what your family is about. Let everyone express how they feel about your family’s purpose and values.

*TIP* Children 4 and up should be able to help, and even children as young as three can be included.

Define the ‘Feel’ of Your Home

Ask is how everyone wants the home to feel. Ask your children what makes them want to come home. You may be surprised at the answers your children give you.

How to Write a Family Mission Statement (and Why You Need One) #ChristianMom #FamilyMission

Personally, I want my home to be two things: a safe haven and a launching pad. I want my kids to feel like they can come home for comfort. Then, when they are ready to go back out, I them to leave feeling equipped to go out and be world changers.

Define How Your Family Treats Each Other

Another good question to ask is how everyone in the family should treat and speak to each other.

But, Ashley, my kids already know that answer.

Yes, everyone in your family probably knows that they should treat and speak to each other with kindness, but allowing them to put it into their own words on the family mission statement helps develop ownership.

They will be more invested in the mission statement because they helped define kindness in your home.

Define What Matters to Your Family

Ask your kids what types of things are important to your family.

When I did this, I thought that traveling and going on vacations would be on the list because I saw so many other families bonding in this way. I thought my family would be the same.

But I discovered that no one in my family felt like that was important. We do other things to bond, and traveling just isn’t for us.

How to Write a Family Mission Statement (and Why You Need One) #ChristianMom #FamilyMission

Don’t try to squeeze your family into a mold. Just because something is important to other families does not mean it has to be important in yours.

Define the Morals that Guide Your Family

Ask your kids what principles are important to the family and who their heroes are. Most importantly, ask how you, as a family, can advance the Kingdom of God.

If your kids are little, they may not understand that question, but ask them what your family can do together to help other people learn more about Jesus. Even three-year-olds can do this.

I’ve seen toddlers show Jesus when they visit other houses and ask to pray before they eat. Because of the habit that was created in their home, they show their faith to others.

Define Your Values

Now it’s time to make a list of your family’s core values. This might include adventurous (traveling and trying new things), creativity (building and creating), discipline (being strict about standards), or commitment to education.

How to Write a Family Mission Statement (and Why You Need One) #ChristianMom #FamilyMission

Bonus Ideas: honesty, integrity, perseverance, supporting missions, and hospitality. Anything that’s important to you can be a core value.

The most important thing is that your values are based on God’s Word.

Create a Phrase to Sum it Up

It’s time to make a short and simple phrase that sums up the mission of your family. Remember that as Christian moms we need to make sure that our mission statement lines up with the Great Commission that God gave us.

Keep in mind that the purpose of a family is to be able to do more together than we can do on our own.

Once you have your mission statement, put it somewhere everyone can see. You can print it off and hang it up or make a piece of artwork from it.

How to Use Your Family Mission Statement

Start using your mission statement to change how you make decisions.

Example: If you get an inheritance, you and your family can look to the mission statement for guidance on how to spend the money. If your core value is frugality, maybe you should use the money to pay down your debts.

How to Write a Family Mission Statement (and Why You Need One) #ChristianMom #FamilyMission

If one of your core values is missions, maybe you can donate the money to a missionary family. If a core value for you is health, you could use the money to put in a swimming pool where your family will exercise together.

Whatever decisions you are facing, use your mission statement as a guide.

Take It One Step Further

It can be easy to let our days pass us by, but it is so important to be intentional with our families and our lives. If this is something that really excites you, I want to share another resource with you.

“Mom Faith” was created specially for Christian moms to help you with the unique challenges you face.

You’ll learn about how to find a devotional that works for your busy schedule, how to stay consistent, how to pray for your kids (with a prayer chart for your kids!), how to turn you vision into action, and an in-depth video on creating your family mission statement.

How to Write a Family Mission Statement (and Why You Need One) #ChristianMom #FamilyMission

Thank you for reading this post! You are the reason that I do what I do, and I hope I’ve helped you in your journey as a mom.

How to Write a Family Mission Statement (and Why You Need One) #ChristianMom #FamilyMission