Lead with Heart: Home Edition | Ashley Varner
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Lead with Heart: Home Edition

Our first (and most important) mission field is made up of the people under our own roofs. Learn to lead your children with heart.


Simple Peaceful Home

Are you overwhelmed? Is CHAOS the best word to describe your home? In this mini-course, you’ll create systems that work for you and your family so your home is a peaceful haven for you to come home to.

Hidden in My Heart

How to Pray over your home | AshleyVarner.com

Hidden in My Heart is Ashley’s most popular course among moms! When you are finished implementing this program, your children will know over 50 Scriptures by memory AND know how to apply them to their life! The best part? All you need is 8 minutes a day!

The Proverbs 31 Woman at Home

We all want to be like her…the Proverbs 31 Woman. But did you know that chapter is actually personifying wisdom? We’ll unpack these verses in a great devotional to build your faith and wisdom!




BONUS Course!

Use this 25 Day Christmas Devotional to remind your family of the real reason for Christmas! Lessons span from the prophecies of Jesus to His resurrection!

Christian Activity Pages

Christian Activity Pages

Get Christian activity pages for your kids! Coloring pages, word searches, prayer journal printables, and more!

Mama, you’re the heart of your home!
Start spending your time at home with purpose!

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What you’ll learn…

Module 1: Simple Peaceful home

1.1 Simplify Your Home

Find a way to be content with what you have.

Get tools to spend less.

Simplify your wardrobe.

Simplify your children’s wardrobe.

Create routines that will cultivate a peaceful home.

1.2 Declutter Your Mind

Taking every thought captive.

Decluttering your phone and decision fatigue.

How to audit your obligations.

Batch tasking and how it will change your productivity.

The true cost of television.

1.3 Uncomplicate Your Health

How to stop making your health complicated.

Why exercise shouldn’t be stressful.

How your sleep is affecting your family.

Ways to reduce stress.

Simplifying your food choices.

How to Pray over your home | AshleyVarner.com

Module 2: Hidden in My Heart

The kid tested and mom approved program to get your children learning God’s Word and hiding it in their hearts.

52 Kid-Friendly verses with application so you can not only teach your kids God’s Word, but also teach them how it applies to their life!

Digital Tracking

This online study can be set up as an icon on your phone, and will keep track of the verses as they’ve been completed so you can review with your kids what they’ve learned.

Audio Recordings

Audio Recordings of each verse so you can play them in the car and use that time to be intentional about training up your child in the way they should go.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Instructions and tips to help you use this study so your kids can get the most out of it.

Tested and Effective

I’ve used this program on my 5 and 6 year old, and they have learned Scripture in less than 8 minutes a day!

Lead with Heart: Home Edition

Module 3: The Proverbs 31 Woman at Home

Take this devotional and walk through it verse by verse and uncover what the Proverbs 31 Woman has to teach us about caring for our homes and families.

Bonus: From the Manger to the Cross

Use the countdown to Christmas as a time to teach children, not only about the Christmas story, but the reason Jesus came in the first place.

This one-of-a-kind devotional and advent calendar starts with the prophesies about Jesus and ends with His resurrection! What better time than Christmas for your child to discover that they were the reason Jesus came as a baby and headed straight for the cross.

Bonus: Children’s Activity Pages

Get exclusive, specially-made coloring pages, crosswords, word searches as more for your children to print off and enjoy.

You’ll also receive prayer journal pages for kids!

Do you want your home to be a peaceful haven for your family? It can be!
Start putting these systems in place today!

Why me?

I was tired of each day passing by, just surviving as a mom. I’d lay in bed each night and think of all the ways I had failed my kids

I worried about how my children’s faith would survive in a world that is so against God. Then I realized, I didn’t want them to survive, I want them to THRIVE.

I stopped praying that they wouldn’t to be influenced by the world. Instead started praying that they would be the ones who were influencing their world for Christ.

I know it had to start with me. I had to be intentional to create a home that was a peaceful place and a launching pad for them to impact their world.

Our home isn’t perfect, but it’s a place were we can grow as a family. It’s a place where we can love and laugh together.

Now it’s your turn!
Take your home from chaotic to a launching pad for your family to reach their world for Christ!