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Lead with Heart

If you want to grow your impact, you have to start by growing yourself. This course helps you take a look inward so your impact can reach new heights in Christ.


Heart Leading

Ashley Varner | Faith, Family, Health, Ministry

Keep your cup filled by focusing on seeking God first. Lessons include how to be a good follower, letting go of idols, and how to solidify your mission


Systems are what keep your personal life and your teams running smoothly. Learn how your health and aligning yourself with your message plays a huge role in your leadership.


Learn how to handle conflict, finding the strengths in others, and build your communication skills.




BONUS Module!

Determine and discover the people you need on your team.

Interviews With Women Leaders

Interviews With Women Leaders

Discover their tried and true methods for leading well.


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Course Curriculum

Module 1: The Grace-filled Leader

1.1 Keep Your Cup Filled

How to give from your overflow so you don’t burn out.

1.2 Be a Good Follower

Learn the story of Korah in Exodus, and how you can learn from his mistake.

1.3 Pray for the Leader

Prayer is non-negotiable. Start by praying for YOU.

1.4 Let Go of Your Idols

Find out the hidden idols that are negatively effecting your ministry.

1.5 Solidify Your Mission and Your Mission Field

Do you have a solid mission? Do you know who your exact mission field is?

1.6 Boast in the Lord

How to avoid pride (a major pitfall for leaders) and boast only in the Lord.

1.7 The Proverbs 31 Woman at Work

A devotion on wisdom and how to gain momentum as a leader.

Module 2: Healthy Systems for Maximum Impact

2.1 Don’t Neglect Your Health

Taking care of you, so you can take care of others.

2.2 Aligning Yourself with Your Message

Does your life align with your message? Learn how to combine the two.

2.3 There’s No “I” in Team

Avoid the pitfalls of DIY leadership by delegating and managing your team well.

2.4 Just Say No…to Pity Parties

A “woe is me” mentality will be your downfall, learn to distinguish and extinguish pity parties.

2.5 Taking Ownership

Discover how taking ownership will help you find problems and fix them.

Module 3: Breathing Grace into Others

3.1 Living Intentionally

Ways to live with intention, and how to teach your followers to do the same.

3.2 Finding the Strengths in Others

A lesson from two men Paul’s mentored: Timothy and Titus.

3.3 Handling Conflict

From my own experience, a lesson from Ephesians 4.

3.4 Ask for More

Don’t be afraid to ask for more from your team.

3.5 Your Candle

A lesson from Ananias about investing in others.

3.6 Communicating with Those You Lead

How to communicate your heart and your message effectively.

3.7 Communicating with Your Team

Methods on the best way to communicate with those working alongside you.

Module 4: Finding a Grace-Filled Team

4.1 DIY Leadership

Learn from Moses the best way to lead, and what 3 types of supporters every leader needs.

4.2 The Qualification Process

How to choose people for your team with grace.

4.3 The People You NEED on Your Teams

Five types of people that you need to have on your teams.

4.4 You Attract what You Are

How to be the type of worker that you’re looking for.

BONUS Module 5: Interviews

In this module, we’ll include (and keep updating) interviews with Christian women in leadership.

Learn from from their experience the why and how of leading from a woman’s point of view.

BONUS Module 6: Recommended Resources

Books, programs, tools and resources recommended by Ashley and her team.

Christian blog, Christian blogger, AshleyVarner.com

BONUS Course: Your Passion + HIS Purpose

Instant access to Ashley’s stand-alone course on building an online ministry.

Take your struggles in leadership and put them under the lens of grace.
Grow your relationship with the Lord and watch your ministry reach new heights!

Why me?

Sure, I have degrees in the Bible and Counseling, but these leadership lessons are created from my own experience as a Christian leader. I’ve had the privilege to serve on several committees for over a decade as well as lead several teams, including a worship team.

I’ve learned some lessons the hard way and some lessons the easy way. And the biggest lessons I’m sharing have been personal victories in Christ. Learning to let go of my pride, and growing in my leadership.

As a Christian woman in leadership, I don’t just want to lead. I want to lead with heart. I want others to follow me as I follow Christ. And I want to teach you to do the same!

Now it’s your turn!
The way to take your ministry to new heights in Christ is to take your relationship with the Lord to new heights. Start now!