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A Legacy

Last night, the raindrops fell and mirrored the teardrops on my face.  My grandpa entered into heaven yesterday afternoon. But he left behind a beautiful legacy.

As I was driving home after being with family, I thought back on the times I had spent with my paternal grandparents.  My grandma was fun, intelligent, and insightful.  And in my memories, my grandpa was always quiet and gentle, with a mischievous sparkle in his eye.

 This picture of my grandparents was taken in 1951 before my grandpa left to serve in the Korean War.


One of the main characteristics I remember about my grandpa is how much he loved his wife.  When my grandma died three years ago, it was evident that he had lost his best friend.  They loved each other, worked hard together, and had fun together.  They were married for 58 years and had five children together.

My grandpa was a farmer for decades and he served in the Korean War. He was the epitome of a hard-working man, yet he had one of the softest hearts I’ve ever known.  I never heard a harsh word come from his mouth, not towards his wife, his kids, or his grandkids.

My grandpa loved to have fun.  He enjoyed camping and playing cards…and he hated tomatoes.  He was always smiling and always making me laugh.  But today, I cry.  While we’ve both lost something, I don’t cry for him, I cry for me. Because I’ve lost him.  You might ask, “What has he lost?”  Well, he has lost the pain of a body that has aged, he no longer has to deal with the struggles of Alzhemiers, he’s lost the loneliness that comes from losing a spouse…and in exchange for all that, he’s gained heaven.



You see, my grandpa loved Jesus.  He spent his life serving God.  And even though he lost a lot of his memory in his battle with Alzheimers, there were two things he never forgot: my grandmother and the Word of God.  My aunt told a story last night about one of the last times she took him to church before he went to hospice.  She said that they sang Psalm 23, and my grandpa didn’t even have to look at the words, he knew them by heart.


My Grandpa’s Legacy

My grandpa leaves a life-changing legacy.  There are so many things about his life that I hope to imitate in my own, but I’ve tried to narrow it down to four: ..

1. Love your spouse.

2. Work hard, but don’t let your heart become hard in the process.

3. Have fun.

4. Keep your treasures in heaven.


Your Legacy

As moms, we have the unique honor of creating a lasting legacy for our children.

The best way to do that is to equip ourselves with tools that are based on God’s Words. That’s what this site is all about. Provide you with biblical resources for purpose-filled motherhood.

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