Lessons from a Corn Field | Ashley Varner
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Lessons from a Corn Field

My husband and I have a 25 acre field that we plant in the spring.  Last year, we planted sunflowers.  GORGEOUS!!  This year we’re planting corn and we’ve just started irrigating.  As I was heading out of our driveway today, I drove past all of the rows and watched as the water was running down each row.

The Farmer and the Shovel

If you don’t know much about farming, let me tell you that first time you turn water onto a field that has been plowed under and then remarked, it doesn’t just run smoothly to the end of the row.  My sweet husband has been out there in the mornings and evenings coaxing the water along with a shovel.

Even with the shovel, the rows run at different speeds.  Some rows have a lot of dirt clods and obstacles in their way.  Others are marked so well that the water has enough power to push through to the end of the row pretty quickly.

Each of us

I started thinking about how this is so similar to the individuality of each person’s story. We go at different speeds, some of us have more obstacles than others, ALL of us are helped along by God as He meets us where we are and helps us move forward.

For a long time, I felt like I had to have my entire life together before I could help anyone else.  I thought that I would never be able to motivate others to eat healthy and be more active unless I already had a six pack and was at my goal weight.  I thought that I could never lead other people in a team because those I was leading were more skilled that I was.  But I was wrong.

Just because some of the rows move at a slower rate, that doesn’t mean that where they have already been isn’t impacting the soil.  Some of the rows of water that get stuck on dirt or rocks actually build up a small dam of water that spreads out and actually saturates the ground better than if water was just rushing through.

We effect others no matter what stage we’re in, no matter how fast we move, no matter how close or how far away we are from our goals.  That doesn’t mean we quit trying. What it does mean is that we don’t have to be successful or be a fitness professional or be the perfect parent in order to extend a hand to others.  We can help where we are by simply being who we are.

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