My Big Break Up | Saying Goodbye to the Scale | Ashley Varner
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My Big Break Up | Saying Goodbye to the Scale

Ever been in a relationship that causes you to never feel like you don’t measure up? Or determines whether you’ll have a good day or a bad day? We wouldn’t stay in a relationship like that for long, but most of us are in a relationship like that right now. With our scale.

An Unhealthy Relationship

If I seem a little bit happier, it’s because I’ve just broken off one of the worst relationships I’ve ever been in. I was constantly seeking approval from it. I wasted years and years of my life. And I finally gathered up the courage to break it off.


It wasn’t with a man, it was with my scale. I allowed my scale to dictate the way I felt about myself. My day was marked as good or bad based on the numbers that were displayed back at me. I know that this relationship is one that a lot of other women are in right now. When I gathered up the courage to put my scale away, I’ve never felt more free in my life.

I was at the point where I was weighing myself multiple times a day, hoping that those numbers would go down. The scale for me was a symbol of success and happiness in my life. So I decided that this relationship was not only unhealthy, but it was also unnecessary.


A New Way to Determine Success

I’m not advocating unhealthy living, but I am advocating getting rid of the scale as your view of success. I’d much rather see you determine your success based on your obedience to the Lord instead of the scale. And living in obedience to the Lord includes honoring God with your body. That means moving in our bodies in a way that feels good, fueling our bodies with foods that benefit us, it means getting rest and spending time with the Lord.


It’s time to break up with your scale. If you’re weighing yourself more than once a day or if the scale starts determining the way you feel about yourself, then it’s time to break up with it.

There are better ways of determining your success. Sure, dress and jeans sizes are one way to tell if you’re on the right track, but the best is determining your success by your obedience to the Lord!

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