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A New Way to Exercise

All this month, we’ve been talking about growing in Christ. We started with building our self-control, then last week, we talked about peace and having it even in the midst of turmoil and storms around us.


This week I want to talk to you about love. But not the kind of love you might think of. I want to talk to you about love your body.

So many of us use exercise as a form of punishment. We ate that cupcake so now we have to run. I want to encourage you to do something completely different. I want you to exercise out of love for your body.

God made our bodies amazingly! They’re capable of all kinds of incredible feats!

Without us even realizing it, cells are being created, blood is circulating, and organs are keeping us alive.

exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it | AshleyVarner.com


Instead of exercising for the sole purpose of losing weight, why don’t we start exercising for health and energy.

If a workout doesn’t feel good, or energizing, then try something different. Your workout should always be beneficial for your body and your mind.

Exercise should be about ONE thing: equipping our bodies for better service to God.

You can reach more people for Jesus when you are strong and healthy than if your sick all the time.

You can be a better wife and mom when you are confident about your body and full of energy.



The health of your body effects your mind…and your spirit. Caring about your body will lead to you having a stronger mind and a stronger soul.

There is a connect between your physical heart and your spiritual heart.

Your spiritual heart can be the motivation for getting healthy physically.



If you’ve been searching for a program to combine your faith and your health, then look no further! I created a 12 week program that does just that.

For 12 weeks, you’ll go through a heart change. We start with faith, we deal with food, and we will experience freedom.

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