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One Word Goals for Real Change

Invite God into your new years resolutions. After thoughtful prayer, find one word that you’ll use to focus your intention on this coming year!

It’s great to set goals – but…

When we’re Christians, we need to remember that “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord determines his steps.”

Our goal setting should start with praying it out.

We can make all the plans to accomplish all the things, but if God isn’t in it, it won’t be as fulfilling as we think it will be.

On the other hand, when we invite God into our goal making process, we’ll be more fulfilled that we could ever imagine.

Expect the Unexpected

When we allow Him to set the tone for our year, we may find ourselves in a completely different place.

I have some friends who had 6 kids. After praying about their future, they felt the Lord called them to have another child.

In today’s culture, 7 kids seems unthinkable. But I saw them just the other weekend and the little baby is the perfect addition to their family.

My 2019 word was Uncomfortable. When my husband and I began praying for our year, we realized that God was calling us to become foster parents.

Fostering would have NEVER been on my goal setting list, but when God is in something, you find you can do things you never thought you could do!

Keep your goals focused with One Word

Choose one word for your focus each year. Remember to pray about it!

When we have a bunch of different goals, they end up spreading us too thin. We get frustrated because our brains can focus on tons of things at the same time and we give up on all our goals.

In the Thriving Mom Club, I talk about how it’s important to focus on one thing at a time. Just know that your brain can only truly focus on a few things at a time.

By having one word for your year, you can help to focus all our goals.

What’s Your Word?

When choosing your word, use a verse to keep you focused.

And feel free to share your word, you may want the accountability.

Or maybe you want to keep it personal.

It’s your word and your future, so do it your way!

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One Word Goals for Real Change
One Word Goals for Real Change