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Get Organized with These 5 Apps

Being organized is a form of being a good steward of what God has given you. I’m sure you have your phone in your hand right now, so download these apps to make it work for you!

The Importance of An Organized Life

An organized life lessens stress, saves time, and keeps your family running smoothly.

Get Organized with these apps | Life Coaching for Christian Moms at

Imagine that you wake up late because you hit “off” on your alarm instead of snooze, and now you’re rushing around trying to find something that not’s wrinkled.

You yell to the kids to get dressed and realize that they have nothing to wear because the clothes in the washer didn’t get put in the dryer. To top it all off, you spill coffee on yourself as you rush out the door, late for school again.

Now, imagine a morning when you wake up on time feeling rested. Your kids have no problem getting dressed themselves. And you don’t worry about them matching because you’ve helped them make their “clothes kid” the night before.

You grab some meat and veggies to throw in the crock pot because you know they have practice after school, grab your coffee and head out the door. Productive AND peaceful.

This is what’s possible when you have an organized life.

Get Organized with these apps | Life Coaching for Christian Moms at

In the Thriving Mom Club, I actually give screen video recordings of my tasks and how I link calendars. If you’re not in there, I highly recommend it!

I’m offering the first month free, so you’ll get access to this training at no charge.

Now, let’s chat about 5 apps you can download to get yourself and your family organized.

Get Your Tasks Organized with ToDoist

My Individual Task Management

ToDoist is my go to program for task management.

You start by brain dumping all your tasks into the Inbox.

Then go back and categorize your tasks by projects. Projects can be anything from a grocery list to work tasks. (You can also label your tasks with projects right away. But I like to get everything down in the app first so I don’t forget anything.)

Each task is customized as a recurring event, you can add comments, due dates, and subtasks.

There’s also a featured called filters, and I show you how to set those up in TMC.

I use Todoist to remind me to cut my kid’s fingernails (because you know they never come ask you to do that). And to plan all my content for the podcast and blog.

It really is a well rounded program that syncs across all your devices. Did I mention it connects perfectly to Google Calendar? Love it!

Have an Organized family with Cozi

If you have kids with several appointments and have to coordinate schedules in the house, then I HIGHLY recommend the Cozi App.

This one is great for families because each family member has a color coded calendar. You can easily search events, add yearly events like birthdays, and it syncs to your Google Calendar.

If you are a fan of FlyLady, then you’ll be happy to know that Cozi has an integration that includes the FlyLady routines.

Another feature I absolutely love is a browser extension that allows you to add recipes to Cozi directly from websites. Remember all those Pinterest recipes you pin and never try?

Now, you can add them right into Cozi’s Recipe Box, it imports all the ingredients, then directions, even a picture.

From there, it’s one button to add those ingredients to your grocery list and you’re on your way to being a mom who actually uses Pinterest recipes! 😉

Organize Events with Google Calendar

What I love about Google Calendar is the fact that you probably already have access to it.

If you have a gmail address or an email that is hosted by Google, then you have access to a google calendar.

Google Calendar is completely customizable, easy to use, easy to share and collaborate with others.

There’s also a feature that allows you to only view specific calendars and of course, since it’s Google, there’s an integration with just about any other app you use, including Todoist, Cozi, and Trello.

It’s super easy to create your time blocking schedule in Google Calendar. I have a video in the Thriving Mom Club about using Time Blocking to skyrocket your productivity.

Creating an Organized Team with Trello

When you’re in charge of a team, you need something that keeps everyone on the same page.

For that, I recommend Trello.

My husband and I use Trello for our business. We have boards for our Sales team, to keep track of service work, and even parts that have been ordered.

I use Trello for this website. I keep track of blog marketing, blog posts in process, and future ideas.

If you want to see how I use Trello in my daily life as a mom and snag some board templates, you can get it all in the Thriving Mom Club!

BONUS: Use Reminders on iPhone as a Brain Dump

If you don’t have time to open your phone and jot down a task, then just tell Siri!

I have been known to say from bed, “Hey Siri, remind me tomorrow to return the library books.” Or “Hey Siri, set my alarm for 5:15am tomorrow.” Or even “Hey Siri, remind me to remind Devin to call George tomorrow.”

Use the conveniences at your finger tips. Now, that those tasks are off your mind and you can go about the fun stuff in your life!

The Thriving Mom Club | Life Coaching for Christian Moms with Ashley Varner
Get Organized with these apps | Life Coaching for Christian Moms at
Get Organized with these apps | Life Coaching for Christian Moms at