Peace in the Midst of the Storm | Ashley Varner
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Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Matthew 8:23-27 caught my eye the other day. It’s the story of a huge storm tossing a little boat.

Jesus and His disciples were in a boat when a furious storm came up on the lake they were in. The waves were so rough that water swept over the boat.

While the disciples were in a frenzy and screaming and rushing around the boat, Jesus was MIA.

They finally found Him…sleeping.

I can just imagine Jesus curled up in a corner, exhausted after a day of teaching the masses and healing the sick.

They woke Him and He said, “ Why are you so afraid?” Then He got up and calmed the storm.

Dealing with Fear in the Middle of your hardest days |


In can be easy to criticize the disciples in the Bible story, but what does it look like to trust God in real life?

Awhile back, my husband had to take a trip. Our boys are getting old enough now where they want to go with dad and it was just a quick overnight trip, so they were excited to get some quality daddy time.

I got them all packed up, they gave me kisses, climbed up into our semi truck, got hooked into their car seats, and headed down our business driveway.

No sooner had they driven out of sight, when all of a sudden fear gripped my heart.  It came fast and it came hard – my heart is still hurting just remembering it.

An older country song came to my mind.  You may have heard it, it’s by Kenny Chesney and the chorus goes, “There goes my life, there goes my future, my everything…”

The enemy gripped my heart with fear that if something happened to that semi truck that I was going to lose my whole life.  My whole life was in that semi truck.

I went back into my office, shut the door and I went to… google.


Googling against fear

I googled verses about fear.

Just as a side note, the internet can be a valueable resource for us.  Yes, it has the ability to bring terrible evil, but there has never been a time in all history when anyone can have access to the scriptures just by pressing a few buttons.  Let’s use it.

I have as a bookmark on my computer and when I googled verses about fear, that website was the first one that came up.

Psalm 56:10-11, “In God, whose word I praise, in the Lord, whose word I praise—in God I trust and am not afraid.”

I just started saying that verse over and over.

Our employees probably thought that I went crazy, because I shut my door, googled something, sat on the floor, and started talking to myself.

But let me tell you what I was doing: I was getting the truth of God into my heart and mind.  At a time when I knew I couldn’t be brave, I was relying on Someone greater than me.

That whole evening – home alone, I could think of nothing else.

So everytime the enemy gripped me with fear, I said that verse outloud.  And surprisingly I slept pretty well.

The next morning, as I was in the shower, another song came to my mind.


Where You are Every fear is broken

It was the worship song, “Closer” and it starts with the words, “There is no life without You, You have all that we need. Where you are every fear is broken, and the darkness must flee.”

I felt the Lord say to my heart, “Ashley, I’m your life.  I have everything you need.  I will protect your family, but you need to know that they are not your life.  I’m your life.”

And then He encouraged me for going to him to break my fear.

After that, for the rest of that trip fear lost its grip on me, even when they ran into trouble and had to stay an extra night, I knew that where He is every fear is broken.


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