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5 Ways You Can Pray For Your Husband | AshleyVarner.com

5 Ways to Pray for Your Husband

Praying for your husband will work better than nagging him. Here are five ways you can pray for your husband and help him be the man God has called him to be.

Pray for Your Husband: His Spiritual Walk

When you pray for your husband, start with his spiritual walk. His relationship with the Lord.

Pray that he will read the Bible and understand it. It’s not enough to read the Word, we have to do what it says. Pray that your husband will understand it and follow it.

5 Prayers for Your Husband | Life Coaching for Christian Women #christianmom #strongmarriage

When you pray, pray that he would feel like an integral part of the church, that he would get involved and enjoy his time there.

Pray for your husband to find good (and godly) friends. Friends that encourage him to be the husband and father God wants him to be. Friends that don’t distract him with the things of this world.

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Pray for His Job

If your husband has a job, start with a prayer of thanks that he has a heart to provide for your family.

If your husband is looking for a job or is struggling in that area, you can pray against laziness, pray that he finds a job where he fills fulfilled. Your can begin to pray that his God-given purpose begins to shine through.

While you’re praying for his job, pray for him to have real rest. The kind of rest that allows him to wake up every morning ready to take on the day.

Earnestly pray that he enjoys his work. My husband loves what he does and because of that, he works long hours some times. At first, I was resentful that he loved his job. But then I started seeing it as a blessing and thanked the Lord that my husband loved his job.

A husband who loves his job is happier than one who hates his job.

Pray for Your Husband’s Parenting

I mentioned praying for your husband’s spiritual walk, but you should also pray that he will be the spiritual leader of your family.

Pray that you’ll be able to move out of the way and give him the space to lead your family.

You can also pray that he would be a good example to your children. And that he would be tough and soft in his discipline.

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Pray for the Temptation Your Husband will Face

Temptation is everywhere.

If your husband struggles with temptation, don’t stick your head in the sand. I know it’s painful, but work to stand in the gap for him.

Pray for him, pray that he is able to find the way out when temptation presents itself. And you can pray that he can find mentors and people he can be accountable to.

5 Prayers for Your Husband | Life Coaching for Christian Women #christianmom #strongmarriage

Pray for Your Husband’s Health

When you pray for your husband, be sure to pray against sickness and disease.

Again, pray for rest for his body.

I even encourage moms in the Thriving Mom Club to pray for their husband’s mental health. Pray that he’s able to handle stress well, finds good hobbies, is able to handle any anger issues, etc.

You can pray about anything and everything. Remember, your prayers are important!

5 Prayers for Your Husband | Life Coaching for Christian Women #christianmom #strongmarriage
5 Prayers for Your Husband | Life Coaching for Christian Women #christianmom #strongmarriage