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how to figure out God's Purpose for me

When God’s Purpose for Your Life Doesn’t Make Sense

Have you ever found yourself in a place in your life and it doesn’t make sense.

Esther was the same way. Most of us know her story, but I’ll recap it for you.

Esther was a young Jewish girl living in Babylon. The King got angry with his queen and banished her for not coming at his beck and call.

His officials had the bright idea to hold a makeshift beauty contest.  All the young ladies were required to come to the palace, undergo tons of beauty treatments, and the king would pick the one he liked the best to be his queen.

So Esther found her self in the palace, chosen to be the queen. It wasn’t a place she wanted to be in, it wasn’t a position she had asked for.

But it was where she found herself.

Then she finds out that an evil man has influenced her husband, the King, into killing all the jews in the kingdom. What do we do when our purpose, like Esther’s, doesn’t seem to make sense?

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Esther had mentors in her life to keep her grounded.

Esther stayed in contact with her uncle/cousin mordecai. Her position as the queen doesn’t cause her to lose her history.

When we find ourselves in a place that we don’t understand, we can’t let it cause us to forget where we’ve come from and what God has done in our past.  

Maybe the place you find yourself is worse that what you’re used to. If so, don’t forget all the things God has done for you.

Maybe the place you’re at is better, but you’re not sure where God fits in. Make sure you have people in your life that keep you grounded.  Mordecai kept an eye on Esther, he gave her news and encouragement, and he even gave her a kick-in-the-pants when she needed it.

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Esther realized she was placed there for God’s purpose.

Even though we may not get to pick where we are, we can choose the attitude that we have while we’re there.

Esther realized that she had been given an opportunity to make a difference for God. And she influenced those around her.  When she realized that it was up to her to save God’s people by going to the King, she told Mordecai to pray and fast and then committed not only herself, but her attendants, to do the same.

She influenced the people that were around her.

And we can do the same.


She stepped up to the plate when her time came.

When the time came for her to risk her life for the good of others, she did. She stepped up to the plate when her purpose finally made sense.

Her uncle’s words to her are the most famous of the entire book, “Who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”

He was saying, “God placed you where you are, with the influence you have, right at this time, for this reason.”


And God has done the same for you.  

Look around you, do you:

  • Have people who can keep you grounded? Have you looked back to see where God has brought you from?
  • Accept the fact that God has placed you where you are for a purpose, even if you don’t see it yet?
  • Commit to watching for when God reveals his purpose to you? Are you readying yourself to say a whole-hearted “YES” when He calls?

Stay tuned because next month, we’re going to have an entire series about being called and learning how to figure out what God’s purpose is for your life and how you can live it out!

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