How to Read the Bible in One Year | Ashley Varner
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How to Read Through the Bible in One Year | Ashley Varner

How to Read the Bible in One Year

“Read your Bible, pray everyday and you’ll grow, grow grow!”

As silly as it may be, as adults, we sometimes forget the truth of that children’s song. We want to grow in Christ and we want to reach new heights in our relationship with Him, but we find ourselves grinding to a halt.

Have you been guilty of looking for the next big thing? The next devotional that’s going to rock your Christian life. The next song that will come on the radio and change the way you live?

I know I have.

One Year Bible Reading Plan | Ashley Varner

Maybe you even started a new Bible reading plan this year…but got sidetracked on January 4th.

If we really truly want to reach new heights in Christ, we have to get back to the basics.  We need to pray and we need to get into God’s Word.

It seems simple, but why does it seem like the #1 thing we need to do is so hard?  Well, in this post, I’m going to share some tips you can use to get back in to reading the Bible everyday and reading it in a way that goes right to your heart.


Start today!

Forget huge extravagant plans.  Just read!  If you want a good starting point, go to John in the New Testament.


Start small.

If you just starting out, don’t try to read the Bible in 30 days.  You’re only going to set yourself up for failure. Luke 16:10 says those who are faithful with little will be faithful with much. So start small and be faithful with it.


Incorporate a journal.

Having a prayer/Bible journal has been a great tool for me to be able to look back and see what God was teaching me at any particular time. There is time after time where I’ve prayed about a problem, read the Bible that day, and saw a difference in my heart because I was filled with peace.


Make it portable.

There are so many apps for the Bible for your phone or tablet.

If nothing else works, then go to your browser and visit You can type in a reference and read from there.

But I would recommend Bible by Tecarta. It comes with a free translation, but you can purchase other translations for anywhere from $0.99 to $7.99.

The reason I like this app is because you can highlight sections and go back and read what you’ve highlighted, and it also has an auto scrolling feature.

When I’m reading under a blanket, I can just start the scroll and set it to my reading speed and not bother with turning pages.

If you’re not a reader, then I’d recommend getting the Bible as an audio book.

Again, there are plenty of resources that are completely free. You can go to Youtube and search audio Bible and listen to entire books there.

I purchased a semi-dramatized version of John called Bible Alive for $0.95 on iBooks that really brings the Bible to life and I started playing it for my kids while they play in their room.


My Gift to You!

I want to make it super easy for you to get into the word, so I’ve made a digital 1 year bible reading plan. You’re not behind, just jump in on whatever day it is and read!

Once you’ve read those chapters, mark DONE and it will keep track of everything for you!

This plan averages about 3 chapters a day, about 5-7 minutes worth. Totally doable.  And the price is just right…FREE!

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