The One Who Redeems Your Pain | Ashley Varner
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The One Who Redeems Your Pain

This morning I was thinking about the word Redeemer.  I was thanking God for redeeming my life, for saving my life.  I confessed in my prayer time that I believe He can take anything that seems worthless and transform it. He can redeem it into something valuable.

When we suffer pain in our lives, whether if it’s from our own doing or someone else’s doing, it can be easy to feel like it’s all in vain.  We can fall in the trap of feeling like there is no point to it.  And if we’re honest, there is no point UNLESS we give it the Lord and allow it to be redeemed.

The Lord Wants to Redeem

I believe that the Lord wants to redeem the areas of my life and of your life that seem the most hopeless.  I know my pain or my struggle is not in vain IF I put it in His hands.

As I was thinking all these things and writing them in my prayer journal, the playlist I had playing softly in the background started a chorus that brought tears to my eyes. It said, “Jesus, Awesome in power forever, Awesome and great is Your name. For You overcame.”

That’s the reason I want to give my pain to God, because even if I’m not at a place where I feel like I will overcome the pain, I know that HE ALREADY HAS.  That’s why He can redeem our pain and struggle (even if we brought it on ourselves). Our pain can be redeemed because He has already overcome it.

What a great reminder that we don’t have to wonder if we’re going to overcome something.  We can be confident that when we give our pain to Him, He will redeem it in the most beautiful way possible.


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