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The Importance of Rest

Rest is just as important to your health as eating right and exercising. So why don’t we value it?

Today, I’m sharing the unique ways different people rest and I’m going to give you a step by step guide to start incorporating rest into your life on a yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily level.

How Not Getting Rest Affects Us

Remember those hangry commercials? There’s some truth to them!

When we neglect rest, we are affected spiritually, emotionally, and physically:

Emotionally? Easy, we get cranky.

Physically, we get sick. Our immune system literally starts to shut down.

Spiritual, we begin to lose our joy.

I’m always teaching the ladies in the Thriving Mom Club the ways that our physical body effects our spiritual body.

When you’re tired, it’s hard to live out God’s purpose for your life.

Types of Rest

Everyone is different, here are a couple of ways people rest:

Adventure – trying new things, traveling, trying a new restaurant (or a new dish at a normal one), setting up a scavenger hunt around your hometown.

Social settings – Being with people, laughing, join a softball team or dinner with friends. Chopped Content.

Solitude – Enjoying a cup of tea while reading a good book, bubble bath, taking a walk or a drive alone

Unplug – turning off all the notifications and calls, not checking email or twitter, having some time off the grid. Time at the cabin.

A Plan for Rest

Once a Year Get-a-Way

Don’t schedule every moment. Remember rushing and overbooking creates stress.

Decide what you really want: Do you want to see every landmark? Or spend time in one place.

Allow time for sleeping in. Allow yourself to wake up when your body actually wakes up.

Don’t rush to the destination – especially with small kids, find activities or places on the way to break up the drive.

Once a Quarter: Weekend away

Some ideas:

  • family cabin
  • camping
  • beach
  • events like women’s retreats

Once a Month – Plan a Day

See a movie, go ATVing, or try a new restaurant.

You can do this in your hometown, make a rule to not do anything you’ve done before. Try that diner or take the kids to a park you’ve never been to.

TIP: My husband and I try to alternate these between doing something with our kids, something with friends, something with just each other, and something alone.

Once a Week – Take a Break

Once a week, just take a break. This may look like unplugging from emails, calls, and text (I try to do this on Sunday afternoons).

You could jump in the hot tub, take a walk in nature (or even just around the block), take a painting class or try a new exercise class.

Need some ideas?

Any time you spend resting will come back to you double. We’re better moms, wives, workers, and friends when we’re well rested.

Need some help coming up with ideas? Grab my free Self-Care Guide!


The Importance of Rest: Self-Care for Christian Moms