How to Start Serving Right Where You Are | The Graceful Life
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How to Start Serving Right Where You Are

So you know you’re called, but called to reach who?

Who is your mission field?

I want to share a ministry with you today that many people overlook.

Take an honest look at your Social Media

I’m talking about your online presence. What you’re sharing on Facebook, what you post about on Instagram. The way you speak about your circumstances online.

Go look at your social media right now. Open a new tab in your internet browser, open up the Facebook or Instagram app on your phone and scroll through the things you’ve been posting.

I want you to be super honest with yourself. Look at your social media through Jesus-colored glasses.

Are your posts exhibiting the fruits of the Spirit? Are they loving and joyful? Or are you complaining about how long the person in front of you is taking in the drive thru? Are you lifting people up with an encouraging word? Or are using your keyboard to rant and rave about them?

Trust me, I’m talking to myself here, too.

We have an incredible opportunity to reach a broader audience with the gospel of Christ than in any time before us.

We can literally speak into people’s lives that we wouldn’t see in person.


Take Social Media into the Real World

Now that you’re being intentional about what you post, start paying attention to the posts of others.

You know you’re spending tons of time on Facebook and Instagram anyway. Why not pick three friends each day and send them an encouraging note? Leave a kind comment.  Send them a private message and tell them you’re praying for them.

Next, take social media into the real world. Contact a Facebook friend and invite them out to coffee. Rekindle a real friendship.

Stepping out of your comfort zone

The internet has created a way for the gospel of Jesus to be spread to the entire world. Nearly every country in the world has access to it.

Don’t get me wrong, the internet can be used for evil. It really can and is.

But it also has the capability to be used for incredible good.

You can reach people and equip people in ways that you’d never be able to do a hundred years ago.

Do you have a special talent or skill that could help someone else? maybe you have a passion to help people in a very specific way.

One of the ways you can reach people is through a blog. You may say, I’m not good at writing. But maybe you’re good at creating new recipes. Maybe you’re good at speaking.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to online ministry.

If you love photography, you can use that!

If you enjoy creating tutorial videos, there’s a place for that!

You can create a mission field by creating a blog!

If you want a jump start on creating an online ministry, then I want to recommend Your Passion His Purpose, it’s a mini-course filled with tutorials on creating an online ministry from the ground up.

It shows you the technical side, but first, it walks you through discovering your calling, what God wants you to do!

It’s part of my program Lead with Heart, Check it out here!