The Difference Between Laziness and Rest | The Graceful Life
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The Difference Between Laziness and Rest | #rest #laziness

The Difference Between Laziness and Rest

There are a lot of dangers with being lazy. There are a lot of misconceptions about laziness, though. Let’s take a look at the difference between laziness and rest.

The Difference Between Laziness and Rest | #rest #laziness

Proverbs 18:9 “A lazy person is as bad as a person who destroys things.”

If you’re not moving forward, you’re going backwards. That’s what laziness is. It isn’t just standing still; it’s moving backwards.

Rest does not equal lazy.

Some people are lazy and use needing rest as an excuse. You can tell the difference, though. Rest is restorative; laziness drains energy. Sometimes we think we are resting when in reality we are draining our energy.

The Difference Between Laziness and Rest | #rest #laziness

When I am resting, I might read a book or take a nap. There are times when I take a personal prayer retreat. I get away from the world and pray in quiet. That is restorative for me, and I leave with more energy.

On the other hand, laziness drains your energy. In my opinion, video games and television are examples of this. After spending hours of watching television, playing video games, or surfing the internet, do you feel energized or like you need to go to bed?

The Difference Between Laziness and Rest | #rest #laziness

I’m not saying that television is bad, but use it intentionally. If you want to rest and watch television, set a timer or make a commitment to only watch one episode. After that episode, go back to working on other things.

Take a Time Inventory

In my Thriving Moms Club, we talk about time management and being productive. One thing we discuss is taking a time inventory, learning about time blocking, using a calendar, and using rest intentionally.

Because I go more into depth with my Thriving Mom Club, you should check it out. (It’s now open for new members!) This is a great place to get serious about being productive and being a good steward of your time.

The Difference Between Laziness and Rest | #rest #laziness