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Freedom in Christ: Godly Thought Habits to Start Right Now

God wants you to be free, but the devil wants you to be a slave to sin and lies.

We have to start thinking about what we’re thinking about. Here are some godly thought habits that you NEED to start using right now.

We want the truth because we all want to be free.

But freedom based on a lie isn’t freedom, it’s a prison.

Thought Habit #1: Determine what lies you’re believing

I accepted Christ as a child, and I have been serving the Lord ever since that day.

A few years ago I had a vision of myself with balls and chains on my arms and legs, on each of them were these words:

These are the lies that I was telling myself and believing in my life. Sometimes the things we think we control, really control us.

John 8:34 says that:

“Anyone who sins is a slave to sin”

What do your chains say?
Something someone did to you
Too much Television/Facebook
Addicted to Pornography
Pleasing other people

I was saved when I was 3, and I was set free when I was 3, but I wasn’t living free.

How? If I was saved and I was free, then what was going on?

If you haven’t already read Overcome the Enemy’s Weapons with One Simple Truth, make sure to read how to determine between the truth and a lie.

Thought Habit #2: Remember You have Power to Stop Believing Lies

On the Biggest Loser the contestants ran with the weight that they had begun with. As they ran they dropped off the weight that they had lost at each checkpoint. They felt so much freedom as they went through this race. 

What if those who were running didn’t put down their weights?
We would think that was crazy, but that’s what we do.

Are we stuck being a slave to sin?

Romans 6 says:

We know that our old self was crucified with him so that the body ruled by sin might be done away with, that we should NO LONGER be slaves to sin, because anyone who has died has been set free from sin We know that our old selves were crucified with Christ so that SIN WOULD LOSE ITS POWER IN OUR LIVES. WE ARE NO LONGER SLAVES TO SIN.

For when we died with Christ (that means when we accepted the Lord into our lives) we were set free from the power of sin. And since we died with Christ, we know we will also live with him.”

When I was struggling with the ball and chains in my life, I was like the people in the Biggest Loser but I wasn’t putting the weight down. 

If we want to break those strong holds in our life. If you want to have freedom in Christ.

First, you have to determine what lies you believe in.

Second, you have to remember that you have the power to put the weights down and drop those bondages.

Thought Habit #3: Break Thinking Strongholds with the Power of the Holy Spirit

Imagine your hands are tied with rope behind your back. The only way you can be free is if someone comes and cuts the rope. 

The only way to truly be free is to have the Lord break the chains – cut the rope.

When we invite the Lord into our lives, it’s not just pretty words, it’s power.

He wants us to live in freedom and He gives us the power THROUGH the Holy spirit to break those chains.

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom”

2 Corinthians 3:17

As we are saved, our walk with the Holy Spirit is like we were in the desert and got a cup of water.  The moment you start walking in the power of the Holy Spirit it is like jumping into the river. Overwhelmed by Him, flowing all around you, it gives you power to move with His spirit.

If you have been struggling to break free, you need the Holy Spirit. Invite Him into your life every day. 

Choose to Be Free Today

Here’s the truth: Jesus wants you to free, the Devil wants you stay a slave to sin.

The Devil knows that if you realize that when you are crucified with Christ then sin will lose it’s power over you.

The Devil knows the truth, that’s why he works so hard to get us to believe the lie.

Let’s break the chains TODAY.

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