The Thriving Mom Club


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You want to: 

Have a powerful prayer life 

Take care of your home (or even just enjoy your time there)

Raise godly kids who have a heart for Jesus

Handle your money well, not to mention have time for YOUR passions

But you feel stuck.

Stuck because your reality is: 

you're tired all the time

rushed mornings are a daily part of your life

there's wet laundry in the washer (that now has to be re-washed)

and forget peaceful...what you have is a house full of yelling.

It's time to stop surviving and start thriving.

What's included:

Exclusive audio Bible Studies added every month to take on the go!

New life coaching lessons from Certified Christian Life Coach, Ashley Varner, every month!

Topics covered:

Deepen your relationship with God, learn how to understand and control your emotions, and develop a healthy mindset.

How to get and stay productive, managing your to do list, stop procrastinating, calendaring, and making decisions quickly. 

Learn how your physical health affects every area of your life, conquer emotional eating, find a sensible and sustainable eating and exercise plan.

Everything home related including decluttering, setting up systems for laundry, meal planning, and housework, simple living, and kids chores.

Learn to cultivate your #1 earthly relationship, dealing with expectations, communication, and love languages.

Drama free discipline, teaching your children how to listen, pray, deal with peer pressure, and more.

Discover your purpose and how to use it for God’s glory, develop leadership skills, and make money from home.

Determine what qualities you want in a friend, finding good friends, ideas for girls nights, and setting boundaries.

Become an expert in your finances, reshape your beliefs about money, find out what God says to do with your money, learn how to spend less AND make more.

Goal setting, avoiding burnout, using affirmations, confidence, and growing as a person.