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Time Blocking Tips for Christian Moms

I want to give you one of my favorite tools to help you be more productive. It’s called time blocking!

The way we spend our time matters.

The enemy has tried to deceive us and say we don’t have time. All next month in The Thriving Mom Club, I’m teaching about priorities and finding time in your day to do everything God has planned for you, so I wanted to share these quick tips about planning our time wisely.

What is time blocking?

In school we have class periods, a specific amount of time to focus on one subject. When you would go to school and the bell would ring and you go to science. After an hour of that focus the bell rings and you go to math. After an hour the bell rings and you go to lunch.

That is the premise of time blocking. Begin to see your day like you would see a school schedule.

How to Prep for Time Blocking

What tools to use

Google calendar is great to use for this and everyone already has access to this tool. In Google calendars, you can set up different calendars with specific colors to help differentiate between them. You can create a calendar just for your time blocking. This will help you not get overwhelmed but allow it to be a tool to help you feel more free with your time. 

How to get started

To start time blocking, look at your calendar in a week view. Start with blocking off times for the things that really matter to you. Block off times that you are at church. Then the times you are at work. And don’t forget to block off times that you are asleep. 

Don’t micromanage your day but create a visual cue of what you should be doing throughout the day.

So if you know getting ready for the day takes one or two hours that is one time block. This might include getting dressed, reading you bible, getting your kids ready for the day, and getting them to school can be all in one block. Then you might have a block for evening routine. That might include helping with homework, dinner, baths and bedtime routines.

Time Blocking Tutorial

Watch this video to learn more about how to time block in Google calendar.

How to follow through

Don’t get too specific in your blocks, try to keep your blocks within two or three hours a piece. It isn’t a schedule but a guide of when you should be doing specific tasks. 

After you have your week blocked out, go through your week without paying much attention to the calendar. This will help you be able to evaluate at the end of the week.

At the end of the week, look back at your time blocking calendar and for the next week give yourself more time if needed for each block.

Say no to things that come up if they don’t fit into God’s purpose for you.  Things that are important to God need to become important to you.

You control your time.

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