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How to Share Your Message to a Big Audience

You have a message to share with the world.

It’s something big. And it’s something important.

It’s the love of the Lord.

Maybe you lead a women’s group. Maybe you have a blog. Maybe you’re a mom. Whatever season of life you’re in, you have a message to share.

So today I want to talk to you about getting your message out there.


In last week’s blog post, we talked about determining who you are called to reach. Every Christian woman’s message will be the same: the love of Jesus. But the way that you communicate that message does change.

Jesus had many ways of sharing His message of love.

He fed the hungry.

He healed the sick.

He even rebuked hard-headed people when they needed it.

But He saved everyone the same way: on the cross.

Just like Jesus, we must share one message. But our methods will change depending on who we’re ministering to.

What if Jesus had multiplied loaves and fish at the temple in front of a blind man? That seems ridiculous even to think about because food wasn’t the blind man’s need. His need was healing.

So who are you ministering to?

Is it the single mom who needs a break?

Is it the newly wed that needs godly counsel?

Is it the shut-in who needs a friend?

All these women have different needs, and as you meet each of those needs, you are getting the message of Christ to the world.



There is something that ALWAYS seems to get in the way of sharing Christ’s message of love and hope to those around us. It comes up again and again.


We all have 24 hours in a day. So why does it seem like some can get more done? Here are some ways you can multiply your time, so you are able to live out God’s purpose for your life while not neglecting your primary responsibilities like home and family.



This is a technique that revolutionized the way I spend my time working and in ministry.

Batch tasking is simply grouping recurring tasks together. Here’s an example: when I need to write a blog post, I always go through a similar process.

First, I write research and determine a topic. Then I outline the post. Next, I write the post. Then I will create images and enter them into the post. Then I’ll post the blog post to my site. Then I tell my followers on the various social media sites about my post.

All that takes time! It’s a long process. I used to do this every week for each post and it took many hours and I found myself twiddling my thumbs a lot and procrastinating.

Now I do things a little differently. I research and determine the topics for a month’s worth of blog posts at a time. I have a recurring theme and can dive deep into a topic. Then I’ll outline all the posts back to back. Then I write all the posts back to back. Then I create all the images for each post. Then I’ll schedule the posts at the same time.

It honestly takes about the same amount of time preparing a month’s worth of blog posts as it does preparing one (maybe a little longer during the writing part). The first time I did this, I was shocked. Because I was “in the zone,” I was able to give better quality posts, with less wasted time and energy.


We talked about social media in a previous post, so you know that you should be using social media. That’s where the people are. That’s where the ministry has to happen.

Whether it’s on twitter, or in a Facebook group, or posting on Instagram, you should be utilizing social media as a ministry tool.

The problem comes when “ministry” takes a back seat to scrolling.

That was a huge issue for me until I started scheduling my social media. There are tons of tools to do this.

Hootsuite is a free option that will post to social media outlets for you. You just type what you want to say, upload a photo you want to use, and pick the date and time you want it posted.

Some people may think that this is disingenuous, I think it’s being a good steward of your time.

I’m able to prayerfully consider what God wants me to post instead of some quick off-the-cuff post.

I’m able to minister on social media without getting sucked into it for hours. I spend about 10 minutes a day in my Facebook group, GIRL OF GRACE, responding to prayer requests and commenting on women’s needs within the group, but other than that, I’m careful with my social media time.

This is something especially important for churches. Many times, churches want to be present on social media, but don’t have the man power to do so. One person can spend an hour or two a month and schedule the entire posts for the church’s social media.

We just have to be intentional.


CoSchedule is another great tool for bloggers specifically. It works hand in hand with WordPress. What I like about it is you can write a blog post and schedule the draft in an editorial calendar, then you can schedule Social Media Campaigns (topic specific posts) throughout many days. When you write a blog post, you can schedule out posts with quotes from the post, images from the post, and keep your message fresh in people’s minds.

This does have a larger price tag, but I’ve found that the time is saves me is worth the cost.

Evernote  is a word document program that keeps your documents in a note form. You can create a digital “notebook” and put notes in it. It sync across multiple devices and can be accessed desktop, online, or through the apps.

For instance, I have a “notebook” titled My Blog Posts Drafts. In that notebook, I have several notes with dates and topics of blog posts I plan to write. If I have an idea, I can create a note, then write the post later. Unlike Word or even Google Docs, you can easily switch from note to note without having to have a bunch of documents open. Time saver for sure! (Plus, it keeps me super organized!)


We all want to be women who share God’s message. We all want to reach people. But sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start. If you interested in starting a Christian blog, want tools on building a team, or need some biblical insight into leading as a Christian women, check out my course LEAD WITH HEART.