Your Victory Effects More Than Just You | Ashley Varner
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Your Victory Effects More Than Just You

Any victory we experience will effect more than just us.  A great example of this is a story in the Bible about a boy who was his father’s favorite son.  He had 11 brothers and he was the favorite.  In his life, the favorite also meant he was the odd man out among his brothers.

His name was Joseph and his brothers really hated him.  So much so that they sold him into slavery and lied to their father and told him that Joseph was dead.  He ends up in the home of an Eygptian leader and then he gets falsely accused of raping his master’s wife and ends up in jail.

Hard life, huh?


So, why am I telling you this sad story? Well, because it doesn’t end there.  By means that could only be the Lord, Joseph ends up going from a prison cell to second in command of the nation that’s the largest world power of that time.  It was because of the wisdom Joseph received from God that he ended up saving the people of Egypt and the surrounding countries from a seven year famine.

Hard Times can Lead to Victory

There are times when we feel we’re going through something and it feels like it’s all for not.  Like our pain and suffering is worthless.  We don’t see any reason for it.  But there is a reason for it.

Your journey will effect others.  Period.  Your struggles and your victories will effect those around you.  Your pain will be the reason someone else learns and grows.  If you let it.

Remember all those people that Joseph helped save?  Seventy of those people were his own family members.  They came, by divine providence, to his doorstep and he was able to extend a hand of mercy to them and save this family.

I saw a quote on Pinterest the other day that said, “You’ve been assigned this mountain to show others that it can be moved.”  If your struggle is with your health, know that it’s not in vain.  God can take your struggles and use them to bring Himself glory.  If you are struggling financially or in a relationship, remember the words that Joseph said, “You meant it for harm, but God used it for good.”


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