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Best Bibles for Kids

**Please note, this post contains affiliate links.

Do you want your kids to fall in love with God’s Word?

Of course! As Christian moms, we want the Bible to be something that our kids love to read, not something they have to read.

Bible Activities for Kids | #bibleactivitiesforkids #christianmom

And the sooner that we can instill of love of God’s Word into our children’s hearts the better!

I’m here to help you out, mama! I’ve checked out several Bibles, and picked my favs to share with you today!

Listen to Ashley explain why she choose each Bible on this episode of The Graceful Life Podcast!

The NIV Adventure Bible

Best Age Range: 5-7

There’s a reason the NIV Adventure Bible is a best seller! It’s pages are filled with full color, with sections for memorizing Scripture and details about Bible characters. If you want to get your kids excited about God’s Word, this will definitely do the trick!

Best Bibles for Kids | #bestbiblesforkids #biblesforkids #christianmom

I do recommend a Bible cover because it’s never too early to teach a child to dig into the Word. Highlighting and underlining sections that mean a lot to them. They can even add their prayer journal to the cover pocket.

Grab a copy for your child HERE. And here are the links for the Bible Covers that match:

I also had to give a quick shout out to The Complete Brick Bible for Kids! It’s not a full Bible, but it has several stories in Lego-style block illustrations for the Lego Lover in your Life!

The Action Bible

Best Age Range: 8-12

This is the most comprehensive picture Bible around. It has over 200 stories that are listed chronologically so it’s easy to follow along.

Best Bibles for Kids | #bestbiblesforkids #biblesforkids #christianmom

I have listed the age range as 8-12. That may seem a little high to some, but there is a reason.

My children received these Bibles when they were 6 and 7 and my husband started reading through the Bibles with them every night.

There are some scenes depicted that may seem inappropriate. For instance, there are several battle scenes (although they are tamed down).

These stories are directly from God’s Word, but a parent should flip through and make sure it meets their own standards. But overall, I think this book is perfect for young boys who enjoy comic books.

Grab yours here: The ACTION Bible

Action Bible for kids under 8

Bible Activities for Kids | #bibleactivitiesforkids #christianmom

NIV Boys Bible

Best Age Range: Boys Reading Age and Up

This Bible is perfect for boys! It really helps boys dig deep into God’s Word.

My favorite part of this Bible is the all the additional features. On practically every page, you’ll find inserts that speak full boy.

Best Bibles for Kids | #bestbiblesforkids #biblesforkids #christianmom

Some features include:

  • What’s the Big Deal? These inserts share need-to-know biblical stories and people.
  • Check It Out: Interesting (and sometimes funny) facts about Bible times and characters.
  • Grossology: Gross and gory stuff you never knew was in the Bible (Perfect for boys!)
  • Makin’ It Real: which help your kids apply Bible stories to their life (the point of it all)
  • Introductions to each book to help get your kids in context of what they’re about to read.
  • Highlighted verses

Grab a copy of this for you boys here: NIV Boys Bible

The FaithGirlz Bible

Best Age Range: Girls Reading Age and Up

Boys and girls ARE different and that’s why I wanted to include a Bible geared toward each.

While every boy loves the gory and gross stuff, every girl wants to feel special and unique.

Best Bibles for Kids | #bestbiblesforkids #biblesforkids #christianmom

Even as big girls, we want to dream and we put ourselves right into the stories. This Faithgirlz! Bible is perfect for that girl in your life.


  • Book introductions – these are sections at the beginning of each book that tell the who, what, when, where of that book
  • Bring It On! – Quizzes throughout the Bible to help girls get to know themselves in the context of God’s Word (something that’s needed big time in this day and age)
  • Is There a Little _____ in You? – these sections are my favorite! Sometimes, we can’t imagine that the women in the Bible were just like us. These sections ask: Is there a little Ruth in you? Is there a little Esther in you? And then they share things about that Bible character so your daughter can see what she has in common with them!

Gift this for that special little girl in your life: FaithGirlz! Bible

The Beginner’s Bible

Best Age Range: Birth up to 6 years old

I didn’t forget about the toddlers and babies! The Beginner’s Bible has been around since I was a young child. I remember reading it’s stories and having my parents read them to me.

This truly is where a love of God’s Word started for me.

Best Bibles for Kids | #bestbiblesforkids #biblesforkids #christianmom

In the newly redesigned Bible, there are bright pictures on every page of this Bible that will captivate your baby and toddler.

The Bible has over 90 stories and can transition from a nightly bedtime story to one of the first books your child can read in Kindergarten. My younger son loved being able to read this before he was skilled enough to read the unabridged NIV Bible.

Grab this book for the tot in your life! The Beginners Bible

A Love for God’s Word

These Bibles will definitely help your child develop a love of God’s Word, but do you know what will be an even bigger influence? Your child seeing YOU in love with God’s Word.

When our children see us consistently studying God’s Word and loving its truths, they can’t help but follow in our footsteps!

I wanted to mention some more great resources for you and your kiddos!

Praying Big for Yourself and Your Kids: In this post, I share how you can pray for your kids and teach your kids to pray. I talk about something I do with my kiddos called “Speak Lord, I’m Listening.” I know you’ll love it!

Why You Don’t Need an Hour to Study God’s Word: Have you ever wondered how you’ll even fit in the time to study God’s Word in the busyness of life? I developed a short-n-sweet method especially for moms to study the Bible in less than 15 minutes a day.

Mom Faith: It’s true that our children will do what they see us do. That’s why it’s super important to build our faith. Mom Faith is a self-paced program with audio and video lessons to help build your faith and get your family headed in the right direction!D

Bible Activities for Kids | #bibleactivitiesforkids #christianmom
Best Bibles for Kids | #christianmom #kidsBibles
Best Bibles for Kids | #christianmom #kidsBibles
Best Bibles for Kids | #christianmom #kidsBibles
Best Bibles for Kids | #christianmom #kidsBibles