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Bible Activities for Kids | #bibleactivitiesforkids #christianmom

Bible Activities for Kids

School’s out for the summer!

Let’s use these few months to continue teaching our children about God’s Word!

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This week, I’m sharing some great Bible activities, games, object lessons, (even snacks!) that I’ve found across the web to help you teach your child about the Bible this summer!


My children love the memory game, we have actually a couple of sets in our house. So I knew they would loveThe Fruit of the Spirit Memory Game from Arrows and Applesauce

This is a great one because you can print them off, use them, help your kids, learn the fruits of the spirit and it doesn’t cost anything or take a lot of prep time.

The Obedience Game from Meaningful Mama is another great game to play with kids! You print off a maze, then blindfold one child. Have the second child give directions and the the blindfolded child has to obey in order to finish the maze.

Bible Activities for Kids | #bibleactivitiesforkids #christianmom

This is great for explaining why obedience is so important. We only see a small part of God’s big plan. He sees everything, so we have to listen and obey.

As a bonus, here’s one last resource full of great Bible Games for kids of all ages from!

Another AMAZING resource for Bible games is It’s filled with great stuff for all ages!

Object Lessons

When we’re teaching kids the Bible, we forget that learning through play is the best way for kids to be introduced to the principles that were taught in the Bible.

Meaningful Mama has collected 20 Bible Object Lessons that are amazing for kids! There’s too many to share here, click the link to get them! Especially for those kiddos who love science and tactical learning!

Bible Activities for Kids | #bibleactivitiesforkids #christianmom

Crafts & Snacks!

I love simple crafts. Especially ones like The Five Finger Prayer from Prayer and Possiblities. These kinds of crafts teach kids while they’re having fun. When children are using their hands, creating, building, using glue and scissors, they begin to understand the lesson better.

We all know kids love snacks. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just eaten dinner within a couple of minutes, it feels like they’re already asking you to eat something.

So these Bible Theme Snack from How to Homeschool My Child have both the lessons and the snack ideas!

I have had the privilege of working with women who are so creative and can come up with this kind of stuff. I’m not that way, especially not with food, so you can count on me using these!

Bible Activities for Kids |

One Last Tip

I hope this post helped a mom out! Now, you don’t have to spend too much time looking for ideas. I get it. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to teach your kids to learn about the Bible. Now, you have a few ideas to get started!

If the only time that your children are learning about the Bible is in Sunday school, then there’s a problem. Sunday School is there as a supplement. But your kids are really going to learn about who God is at home. 

They’re going to see you do it.

They’re going to want to follow in your footsteps.

And whenever you make it a point to be intentional, that’s when your kids are really going to blossom.

If you are at home with your kids this summer and just feel like you’re at your wits end. These are going to give you some great ideas, but also turning table time into time that you can talk about the Lord. 

In Deuteronomy 6, the Bible says to talk about God’s Word all the time. Whenever you get up, talk about it. When you lay your head down to sleep, talk about it. When you’re walking along the road, talk about it. All the time.

Two of my favorite times to talk about God’s Word is first, when we’re driving on the road. The conversations that my boy and I have in the car can be so profound and so deep. The second time is around the table. So make sure that you’re using those times to really allow God to work through you.

Remember God is here to help you, He doesn’t expect us to teach our children about Him without His help. 

Bible Activities for Kids |

So if you feel overwhelmed and you feel like maybe there’s just so much to do. You feel this overwhelming sense of responsibility or maybe even guilt that you haven’t been teaching your kids about God’s word.

Realize that God wants to help you.

God wants to be part of your life in every season, especially when you’re teaching your children. He does not expect you to do that by yourself.

So go to Him, ask Him to help you. Ask him to give you the words and then spend time with the Lord Yourself.

Spend time knowing him and getting to know his word and falling in love with His Word yourself. That way, when it’s time to teach your children, it flows from your heart because you’ve been spending time with the Lord yourself. 

It’s my hope that you and your children have an amazing summer and that at the end of the summer, you and your children know the Lord better than you did whatever you started!

Bible Activities for Kids | #bibleactivitiesforkids #christianmom