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We all want more confidence, but how do you build a confidence mindset? Is it just repeating affirmations every day? How do you get the truth of who God says you are so ingrained in your mind that you can walk with a confidence that lasts day after day. <br>____________________ Resources Mentioned: Free Confidence Affirmations: […]

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Confidence is important and gives us so many benefits, but it’s also important for what it helps you avoid. When you walk in confidence, you starve three harmful things to your Christian life: inadequacy, lack, and scarcity. Resources Mentioned: Free Confidence Affirmations: https://ashleyvarner.com/affirmationsMindset Reset: https://ashleyvarner.com/mindsetRenew180 (formerly 180Confidence): https://ashleyvarner.com/mastermind Highlights From the Episode CONFIDENCE SERIES Confidence […]

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So, you have a dream, you even have a plan, but you don’t have the motivation to get it done. How do you find the motivation to actually do what you want to do? In today’s video, I share the real secret about motivation and what you can start doing to see results even when […]

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It’s possible to experience joy no matter what circumstance you find yourself in. Being joyful isn’t the same as being happy. It’s a deeper, quiet, confidence that says, “I know I can experience joy even in the most difficult of situations.” That can be your reality! Resources Mentioned: The Mindset Reset: https://ashleyvarner.com/mindsetTruth Journaling: https://ashleyvarner.com/freePower of […]

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It can be discouraging when you serve and don’t feel appreciated for what you do. When no one says “thank you” or “good job.” Resources Mentioned: The Mindset Reset: https://ashleyvarner.com/mindsetresetTruth Journaling PDF: Free Resources Highlights from the Episode Have you ever given everything that you had and still felt unappreciated by the people around you? If that’s […]

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You can do a lot of things to change your life, but if you don’t change your thinking first, your actions won’t be long-lasting. There’s a lot of talk about mindset work right now, but this is a Christian idea. Paul told the Romans thousands of years ago to be transformed by the renewing of […]

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It’s the beginning of a new year and as we look to the future, I want to give you permission to dream bigger than you ever have before. God has given you dreams, it’s time to become a visionary that can take hold of the dreams God has given you and take the steps to […]

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Are you unconsciously sabotaging your success? Today, I’m sharing 10 habits that may be derailing you from achieving your dreams. I’m breaking these habits down into 3 categories: mindset, actions, and money. Resources Mentioned: Renew180 (formerly 180Confidence): https://ashleyvarner.com/mastermindThe Mindset Reset: https://ashleyvarner.com/mindset Transcript: Welcome back to The Renewed Mind. Today we’re going to talk all about […]

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There’s a myth that only pastors and missionaries are called by God. Nothing could be further from the truth. You can pursue the God-given passions in your heart and you can pursue them with confidence! Podcast: Resources Mentioned: Pursuing Your Passion with Confidence Your Passion + HIS Purpose WorkbookRenew180 (formerly 180Confidence) The Myth of Full-Time […]

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Did you know that 92% of new year’s resolutions are left unaccomplished? But your goals for the new year don’t have to fail! Here are 8 things that you can do before the New Year to ensure that you will reach your goals! Podcast: Resources Mentioned: Renew180 (formerly 180Confidence)Weekly Reset Worksheet 1. Let go of […]

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Transparency and Insight

It is Ashley’s transparency and insight into her own struggles along the way that have given me the courage to confront my own faulty beliefs.

- Rebecca

Ashley varner

podcast host, speaker, and confidence coach

I work with Christian women across the country to transform their lives by renewing their minds. I created The Renewed Mind out of my own mindset transformation because it’s my goal to reach every Christian woman with the truth that living a life of confidence is possible for them.

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