How to Create a Daily Routine | The Graceful Life
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How to Create a Daily Routine

No matter what you say your priorities are, your daily routine shows your true priorities.

And that’s good news! Because that means you can create a daily routine that honors your priorities.

How to Create a Daily Routine | The Graceful Life with Ashley Varner

4 Ways Your Daily Routine Can Honor Your Priorities

You have to know your priorities first.

If you haven’t already listened to the podcast: Priorities that Honor God go and do that now.

The priorities that God has for you are:

  • Your relationship with God
  • Your family
  • Your “job description” (God’s purpose for your life)

You have to know what your priorities are before you set a daily routine that honors them.

We often miss that step when we’re making changes in our life.

We need to make sure that our priorities align up with God’s priorities for your life.

Determine what small changes need to happen in your daily routine

Once we know what our priorities are then we need to determine the small changes that we can make daily to honor your priorities.

Find small changes that work as a catalyst.

A catalyst change is a small change that brings about other changes naturally.

For example, if you are wanting a clean home, start with making your bed. That will then motivate you to tidy up the rest of your room.

Another example is if you want a stronger prayer life. Start with five minutes a day. That may lead to a desire to start listening to worship music or praying other times throughout the day.

Another catalyst change is if you want a better marriage, start with a kiss a day. Then you will think of your husband during the day and you’ll want to do things to let him know you love him.

What small change can you make every day to honor your priorities?

Process the feelings that come up

Just because you plan to do something, doesn’t mean you’ll always want to do it.

That’s okay – do it anyway.

Your feelings are made from your thoughts, so change your thinking. That’s why it’s so important to know God’s priorities first and have them ingrained in your heart.

When you change your thinking changes, that leads to your feelings changing and then your actions change.

When those feelings come up learn to take them captive.

When God’s thoughts become your thoughts, it will change the way you live.

Just keep swimming.

After you’ve done all that…keep going.

Routines are only formed with consistency.

If you want to create a daily routine that honors your priorities then start with something small.

Once you are consistent with that small thing, then add something else.

For example, start with two or five minutes of prayer each day and once you have a routine then you can add listening to a worship song during your prayer time.

When you follow that consistency it is easier to add other small things.

If you’re having trouble with that commitment, then go back to step two and determine what changes you can make to go forward with your priorities.

2 Ways to Take this work deeper

If you’re struggling to determine your priorities and having a daily routine, then I really recommend signing up for my free training, it’s called Graceful Balance.

I’ll teach you how to look at your priorities completely differently!

And if you’re looking for a Bible study on Priorities, there’s one in the Thrive Bible Study Vault called First Things First. You’ll love it!

How to Create a Daily Routine | The Graceful Life with Ashley Varner