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5 Steps to Becoming a Prayer Warrior: 

reducing stress with routines

Reduce your stress with simple routines that work for you and your household. This worksheet will help!

Power of prayer workbook

Say goodbye to the checklists and the time clock and start with a desire to know the One who loves you.

this is a good place to start!

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confidence affirmations

Confidence matters. Start to build yours with these daily affirmations, straight from God's Word to your heart.

prayer retreat workbook

Take your personal walk with Christ to the next level with a personal prayer retreat. Here's the agenda Ashley uses.

one word emotion list

Start to control your emotions by first understanding and identifying them. This emotion list will get you started.

truth journaling workbook

Your thoughts affect everything! Use this free guide to write down your thoughts and make sure they line up with God's truth.

your passion, his purpose

Use this practical, hands-on workbook to fine-tune your passion and find ways to use it for God's glory!

Renew your mind. Transform your life.

change is possible.

In Renew180, you WON’T get band-aid tips and tricks. You’ll get exclusive training and practical coaching. My hybrid approach makes all the difference. Online courses don’t give you the chance to ask questions or provide any accountability. You’re left feeling unmotivated and don’t even finish all the lessons. The result: You don’t see results and blame yourself for wasting money.

That's why Renew180 takes a new approach.

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...ladies that understand.

Things I thought I dealt with that no one could understand, you ladies talk about them. Praise God, finally ladies that understand what I have been going through all these years.

- Peggy  |  private coaching client

To take your life, relationships, and environment to the next level.

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6 weeks to take your thoughts captive and kiss the emotional rollercoaster goodbye!

The Mindset Reset

This program goes deeper to help you experience God’s healing in your emotions. The result? Balanced emotions. More confidence. A complete transformation.

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