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How to Pray For Your Child's Teacher | #christianmom #prayer

How to Pray For Your Child’s Teacher

Summer is almost over, and school will be starting before we know it. Make the time that your children spend in school worth it. You can help  by volunteering in the classroom or assisting with homework.

But the best way you can help your children’s teachers is by praying for them.

What does that mean, and why is it important?

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My children prayed for their teachers everyday on the way to school last year. Once they got into the habit of praying for their teachers, it had both an unseen impact and an immediate impact.

How to Pray for Your Child's Teacher #ChristianMom #ChristianTeacher

My children prayed that their teachers would have good days, and they also prayed for the other kids in the class. Many times, the prayers were very simple, as the prayers of children often are.

Yet, we know that they were heard and treasured by God.

The Immediate Impact of Praying for Their Teachers

There was an immediate impact, though, and it may surprise you where I saw it.

The first signs of the impact of their prayers were on them.

My own children were benefiting from the habit of praying for others. They were growing in empathy and compassion, and they were becoming aware of God’s involvement in their lives.

When we start to pray for people on a daily basis, it builds an awareness in our children that God is involved and active in their every day lives as well as concerned about the things that matter to them.

We don’t know about everything that happens at our children’s schools, but their school have a huge impact on their lives. Our simple prayers can have a tremendous impact as God does what we cannot.

We Pray for Our Children’s Teachers Because Prayer Has Power

The first importance of praying for your child’s teacher is that prayer is powerful.

Your child’s teacher is going to have a lot of influence on your child’s self-esteem, view of school, and overall feelings towards learning.

How to Pray for Your Child's Teacher #ChristianMom #ChristianTeacher

I want my children to grow up with a love for learning, and I want them to have a healthy respect for authority. Since they spend so much time at school, I want them to associate an atmosphere of learning with positive emotions and memories.

What to Pray for Your Child’s Teacher

Pray for Wisdom

Your teachers have the intelligence they need. They know the curriculum they are going to teach, they’ve looked over the lesson plan, and they know the requirements for state testing. Yet, wisdom is an entirely different area.

Your child’s teachers need wisdom to find creative ideas that will help get the curriculum across to the students. They need wisdom to know how to communicate to each unique child, and they may need wisdom to know when a child needs a little extra help or love.

Pray for Unbiased Teaching

Because  of our culture, we also need to pray that our children will experience pure and unbiased teaching. Some people say that isn’t possible, but I believe all things are possible when we involve God through our prayer.

As Christian moms, we can pray that our children’s classrooms are places where all view points are shown, fact are taught rather than opinions, and teachers’ backgrounds don’t affect the curriculum they teach. God can prevent biases from altering your child’s learning experience.

Pray for the Other Students

Every mom knows that when your child is acting out, it is very stressful. It can be hard to do your best work when your child is throwing a tantrum or refusing to obey.

That is the same for our teachers. It is stressful for them to have kids who cause a scene in class, and they can’t do their best job as teachers when they are constantly distracted by students’ poor behaviors.

We can pray that their students behave in a way that will be conductive for learning, and that will benefit everyone, including our own children.

Pray Against Illness

Consistency is key when it comes to helping children feel stable and secure. When you’re child has a substitute teacher, it can cause a disruption in their stability that makes it difficult for them to learn and grow while at school.

Because of this, it is best for our children to have their teachers healthy and in class.

Pray for the Teachers Personal Struggles

I knew a teacher once who was out of class for quite a while because her husband was dealing with health issues. This caused a disruption in her class, and it was also very stressful for her. She needed prayers to help her be the best teacher (and person) she could be during the trying time.

How to Pray for Your Child's Teacher #ChristianMom #ChristianTeacher

Whether you know of something your child’s teacher is dealing with or not, pray for peace and blessings for them.

Pray that the Lessons are Well Received

Even if the teacher is doing a fantastic job, some students still struggle to grasp the lessons.

Pray that the teacher will be able to express the information clearly and that the children will find it easy to understand and exciting.

Pray for Christian Teachers

Of course, your child can be positively influenced by teachers of any faith or beliefs, but ultimately, we would all like our kids to have Christian role models.

Pray that your school would be filled with Christian teachers and administrators. Pray that your child’s teachers would come to know the Lord or come to a deeper understanding of Him.

You never know, but they could end up investing prayers in your child!

Pray for Transparency

Our culture is changing, and many new laws and school policies can cause Christian moms to be concerned about what their kids are learning in school. Worse yet, you may be worried that you don’t even know what your kid is learning school.

Pray that the administrators and teachers are upfront about what is in the curriculum.

God does not expect you to parent without His help.

While you may not be able to control the curriculum in your child’s school, you can take it to the Lord in prayer.

Pray that the Teacher is Equipped

If God has called them to be teachers, then we want to pray that they have everything they need to do their job well. We can pray that they have an abundance of patience, mercy, love, and creativity.

Pray that Your Child is Loved

There is nothing wrong with praying for favor. When a teacher loves a child, they are more invested in that child. They are often more willing to go the extra mile to help their student, and they can build a bond that will last a lifetime.

Pray that the Teacher Will Come to Know Jesus

You and your child can have a part in leading your child’s teacher to the Lord. Pray that the teacher will see the light in you and your child, and pray that your presence in that teacher’s life will help them see Jesus.

You can be an example of God’s love to that teacher.

How to Help Your Child Even More

While prayer is a great tool in our parenting toolbelt, I want to share another amazing tool with you.

The Thriving Mom club is monthly teaching (plus a monthly Bible Study for you) and it’s on an easy to use app that you can download on your phone. You can listen to the lessons while you’re waiting at the pediatrician’s office, cleaning the house, or driving in your car. There are video and audio lessons, workbooks and more.

There are lessons on how to cover your home in prayer and how to teach your children to pray. There is even a lesson on how to get your children to talk to you!

As a bonus, the stand alone program ‘Hidden in My Heart’ is included in this program. ‘Hidden in My Heart’ is designed to help children memorize Bible verses, and it is a great resource.

How to Pray for Your Child's Teacher #ChristianMom #ChristianTeacher

Thank you for reading this post! I feel honored that you took the time out of your day to come to my website and learn more about praying for your child’s teacher.

How to Pray for Your Child's Teacher #ChristianMom #ChristianTeacher
How to Pray for Your Child's Teacher #ChristianMom #ChristianTeacher
How to Pray for Your Child's Teacher #ChristianMom #ChristianTeacher