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Being an Instrument

Yesterday, I walked into church before the service to prepare for the worship team rehearsal.  As I was walking up the stage steps, I looked at the keyboard I was about to play.

It sat quiet in the still room.

I looked at the other instruments that sat on the stage waiting to be played.  And I thought about how each of us is supposed to be an instrument as well.

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In Romans 6:13, God’s Word says, “…use your whole body as an instrument to do what is right for the glory of the Lord.”

We are each commissioned to be an instrument for Christ.  We can (and should) use everything we are to do what is right and point others to Him.

This idea wouldn’t leave my mind, and I started to see so many ways that we, as followers of Christ, are just like that piano.

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The Instrument’s Potential

A piano has the potential to emit incredible music, but on it’s own, it is capable of nothing but silence. 

Just like that piano, I am useless without the Master’s touch.

Without Him, I can’t do anything. It can be easy sometimes to get prideful and assume that any response I get from my work and efforts has something to do with me.

But the truth is that God can use anything to bring Him glory, remembering that keeps me humble and feeling blessed that He would choose to use me. | Faith, Family, Health, Ministry

The Instrument’s Effectiveness

The piano’s effectiveness is measured by who is playing it.  

If Beethoven were to place his hands on those keys, I guarantee that the quality of music would be much better than when I play.

The difference isn’t the ability of the piano, but the ability of the musician.

In the same way, when I allow myself to be an instrument of self (by following my own way instead of God’s way) the quality of effectiveness my life has is really diminished.

When I humbly submit to God’s hands on the keyboard of my life, the difference my life can make becomes something only He could know.


The Glory

The musician, not the instrument, gets the glory.  

When a grand piano sits on a stage and a master musician (usually in a tux) walks on stage and plays, the audience applauds and cheers.

For who?

Certainly not the piano.

The crowd cheers for the musician, because they know that is where the real talent and music comes from.

In the same way, as an instrument, I shouldn’t expect, demand, or accept any glory for what God can do.

My job is to submit to His will and abilities and give Him the glory for any and all results that come from that submission.


The Instrument’s Yielding

The piano doesn’t play; it is just a tool as it yields to person playing it.  The first definition of instrument in the dictionary is this:



noun  –  a tool or implement, especially one for delicate or scientific work.

In the same way that the piano yields to my fingertips, I want to submit and yield to the work that God wants to do through me.  I want to be His instrument, His tool, to reach a hurting world.

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The Power

The piano can’t make music if it’s not connected to a power source.  

Later, I walked up on stage to play and after tapping on the keys, I realized no sound was coming out.

The sound man had me muted!

No one could hear the piano.

My ability to share music had been taken away because I wasn’t connected to the speakers.

In the same way, if we choose not to be connected to Christ everyday, we will find that serving Him is harder, less effective, and ultimately impossible. We only have access to the power of Christ when we belong to Him and are daily connected to His plan and will for our lives.

With all these similarities, I see one huge difference.  In my time playing, I have hit thousands (and thousands) of wrong notes. Thankfully, unlike me, God never hits a wrong note.

He gets it right every time.  And as long as we submit to His beatiful hands, we can be an instrument that creates a sweet, sweet sound in His ear.

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