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4 Tips to Read the Bible More! Plus a Free Digital Bible Reading Plan |

The Easiest Way to Read the Bible in One Year

If you find yourself wanting to grow in Christ and impact your family for Him, but you always end up grinding to a halt, then keep reading!

God’s Word has the power to change your life.  I don’t know about you, but I know I’ve been guilty of looking for that next big thing.

That great devotional that’s just going to rock my Christian life or that next song that’s going to come on the radio and absolutely change the way that I live.

Then I hear the song, or by the book, and nothing changes.

If you’ve been in that place, you’re not alone.

4 Tips to Read the Bible More! Plus a Free Digital Bible Reading Plan |

There’s not any simple, quick, miraculous solution to creating a Christian life that’s strong. There’s no magic pill you can take to begin creating a family atmosphere that is going to impact your family for God’s glory.

But there is one discipline that will rock your world, and that is reading God’s Word on a daily basis.

There is no substitute for getting into and studying God’s word.

If you have a pile of laundry and would like to fold it while listening to this post (instead of reading it) then click here!

If you really want to impact your world, and by “your world” I mean the people who matter the most to you, then you must make it a habit to get into God’s Word.

It’s tough. I get it.

Maybe you’ve started a new Bible reading plan and then four days in, you just got sidetracked. Or you started a devotion and a couple of days went by and you just got out of the habit of reading.

How to Read the Bible in One Year |

We need to get back to the basics if we want to live as parents with God’s purpose.

In order to parent with God’s purpose, we need to pray and get into God’s word.  

It seems simple, but why does it always seem like the number one thing that we need to do is so hard.

Today I’m sharing four tips with you so you can get back into reading the Bible every day and reading it in a way that goes straight to your heart.

Don’t believe the lie that if you don’t spend an hour-worth of Bible study time every day, then you’re not going to get anything out of it. That’s just not true.

I also want to give you about a free digital Bible reading plan that I made, (for moms specifically) that you can take everywhere with you. You’re going to love it! (Did I mention it’s F-R-E-E?)

How to Read the Bible in One Year |

Tips For Improving Your Bible Reading

Tip #1: Start Today

Forget all of your huge, extravagant plans. All you need to start is a Bible. Use the one on your phone if you need to!

How to Read the Bible in One Year |

Just read.

If you want a good starting point, go to John in the New Testament.

All it takes is committing to a small amount of time and just starting. That’s half the battle!

We can tend to procrastinate when it comes to reading God’s Word because we make it too complicated. Just sit down, open your Bible and start reading.

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Tip #2: Start Small

If you’re just starting out, don’t try to read the Bible in 30 days, you’re only going to set yourself up for failure.

How to Read the Bible in One Year |

Luke 16:10 says, “Those who are faithful in little will also be faithful with much.”

I want you to start small and start at a place that you can be faithful.

If that means five minutes, I want you to let go of any comparison to other people.

If all you have is five minutes, just say, “Lord, I have this five minutes. I’m giving this to You as an offering and I ask You to bless it.”

The truth is that God sees where you’re at right now.

He sees the busyness that you have as a mom.

He sees the long to do list.

He sees the laundry.

He sees the messy house and the sink full of dishes.

He sees through all that, and He sees your desire to want to spend time with Him and He loves that.

He’s not counting down the minutes of time that you spend reading the Bible. What He’s doing is counting down the minutes until He can spend some time with you.

God is going to bless the time that you devote to Him.

How to Read the Bible in One Year |

The beauty is that when you start small, the craving in your heart for God’s Word starts to grow.

You might start reading your Bible for five minutes every day for a week.  

After that five minutes of reading is finished, you’re going to want to read more.

After a little while, you start to experience a desire in you heart and a craving to get more of God’s Word.”

You can set your alarm five minutes earlier than you normally get up. After a while, you realize God is putting minutes back into your day.

What do I mean by that?

If you decide you are going to spend 15 minutes every morning with God even though it doesn’t feel like you have any more time in your day, God will add more time to your day.

When it usually takes you an hour to go grocery shopping, maybe it only takes 45 minutes. If you have to go to the DMV and it normally takes an hour or more, maybe you get there and realize there is no line.

Those are the things that God can do whenever you invest your time with Him.

Tip #3: Incorporate a Journal

Another way that you can really start to see some benefit in your Bible study time is by using a prayer or Bible Journal.

It’s a great way to keep track of what God has been doing in your life.  

How to Read the Bible in One Year |

It doesn’t take a long time, but it allows you to look back and see what God has been doing in your life.

You can see how He’s answered your prayers. You can see how He’s answered those prayers and said no, but either way it’s going to fill your heart with peace.

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Tip #4: Make it Portable

There are so many Bible apps that you can download on your phone or tablet.  

The one that I would recommend is Bible by Tecarta.

It comes with a free translation, but you can purchase other translations for around $0.99 to $7.

They also have commentaries and other products to enhance your Bible study.

How to Read the Bible in One Year |

One of the reasons I like this app is because you can highlight different sections and go back and read what you’ve highlighted.

Plus, it also has an auto-scrolling feature. You can just start the scroll by swiping up and it will set to your reading speed. Then you don’t have to bother turning pages.

You can also click on a particular verse and add a note in there and then later you can download all your notes.

You can keep them, you can go back the next time you read and look at any notes that you’ve written. It’s all inclusive so you don’t have to carry around a book, Bible, and highlighter.

If nothing else works, you can always just go to the browser on your phone and visit Bible Gateway and type in a Bible reference and go from there.

If you’re not a reader, then I would really recommend getting the Bible as an audiobook.

We have this preconceived notion that Bible study time has to be sitting down and last an hour otherwise it’s not effective, but that’s not true.

A couple of months ago, I was listening to the book of John and it was the Bible Alive version by Tyndale.

This version is The Bible word-for-word but it’s semi-dramatized. And it lives up to it’s name. It truly brings the Bible to life!

When my boys and I were cleaning up their playroom we just had that playing and it sounded like a story but they were listening to God’s Word.

How to Read the Bible in One Year |

I love that we can use this as busy moms.

Because let’s face it, we’ve got a lot going on.

You can listen to it and let God’s Word wash over you and wash over your home while you’re doing the dishes, folding laundry, or while you’re playing with your kids.

Don’t feel like just because you aren’t big on reading that you can’t have time in God’s Word. Think outside the box, find a way to spend time with the Lord.

Mama, You Got This!

I want to make it super easy for you to get into the Word. I promised you ladies a gift and here it is: I created a digital one year Bible reading plan for you and it is on a beautiful, easy-to-use app.

Best of all, it’s completely FREE.  

Just sign up, download the app and have it on your phone.

Then any time of day, go to the app, click on that specific day and it gives you what chapters to read.

You’re never behind.

If you don’t want to go through it day by day, or you just want to read at your own pace, it keeps track of what you’ve read for you.

After you’ve read those chapters, they are marked done. It is dated, per day of the year.

If you follow this plan, you will get finished reading the Bible in one year.

If that seems like a huge feat for you, just know that this plan averages about three chapters per day.

Some days are going to be more chapters, such as Psalms where the chapters are shorter. But each day usually takes between seven to 15 minutes.

It’s totally doable.

If this is something that you have struggled with a lot of your life and you really want to get into God’s Word and set this specific habit, then this digital Bible reading plan is definitely for you.

I think that you guys will really enjoy it! Download it HERE!

How to Read the Bible in One Year |

I hope that these tips helped you.

Don’t forget to grab that digital Bible reading plan because it’s going to give you some motivation and encouragement.

When we fill our minds with God’s Word, we are going to see changes in our own heart, changes in our family, in our kids, and it’s just going to impact every part of our life.

Psst…I’d love it if you’d head over to the Girl of Grace Facebook group and let me know what tips have helped you the most!

4 Tips to Read the Bible More! Plus a Free Digital Bible Reading Plan |
4 Tips to Read the Bible More! Plus a Free Digital Bible Reading Plan |
4 Tips to Read the Bible More! Plus a Free Digital Bible Reading Plan |