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Get control of your emotions and
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Walk with Confidence
Bible Study

Lasting confidence begins with knowing who you are in Christ. Start walking in confidence today with this 21 day audio Bible study!

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The Mindset Reset

This program goes deeper to help you experience God’s healing in your emotions. The result? Balanced emotions. More confidence. A complete transformation.

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blessing to me from God

This group is a blessing to me sent from God. I love how my phone now just flows with Scripture from God’s Word. And all the motivating words and stories move me in my spirit.

- shelly  |  private coaching client

start renewing your mind today!

Get control of your emotions and

In Renew180, you WON’T get band-aid tips and tricks. You’ll get exclusive training and practical coaching. My hybrid approach makes all the difference. Online courses don’t give you the chance to ask questions or provide any accountability. You’re left feeling unmotivated and don’t even finish all the lessons. The result: You don’t see results and blame yourself for wasting money.

That's why Renew180 takes a new approach.

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Really productive people know the secret to creating more time. Today I'm sharing how you can identify what's really holding you back from having enough time to get everything done that you need to get done. #timemanagementcoach #productivitycoach #timemanagement

Really productive people know the secret to creating more time. They realize that God has given us each the same amount of time in a day and they learn to manage themselves in the time given Today I’m sharing how you can identify your Time Identity, figure out what your real priorities are, and how […]

Ever wish there was more time in the day? You want to read your Bible, have a clean house, get the kids to school on time, and be productive at work. And when you think you’ve got it all figured out, someone asks the dreaded question: “What’s for dinner?” Ever wish you could have just […]

Ever wish you could have just a few more hours in the day? There's so much to do and you just don't have enough time to get it all done. With all the commitments and tasks on our plates, it's no wonder we feel overwhelmed. No more! I've found the #1 hack and solution to managing your time well, and it's has nothing to do with calendars and to do lists. #timemanagement #timemanagementhacks #productivity

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- Ashley Varner

it’s my goal to reach every Christian mom with the truth that God wants to transform their life by renewing their mind.

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