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Just thinking about the expectations of being Super Mom has you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed

and knowing that you’re not meeting those expectations leaves you insecure and feeling just plain

not good enough.

You want to be everything to everyone…

and the result?

You don’t enjoy your time at home because it’s such a mess…

You feel further from the Lord than you ever have, and now Bible reading feels like a chore…

And the only thing that brings a smile to your face is a bowl of Ben and Jerry’s…that is until you’ve eaten the entire pint.

You’re starting to think that this mom thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

But there’s a better way.

A Joyful, Purpose-filled Motherhood is what God wants for you.

Stop seeing successful motherhood the way the world sees it:

big house

fancy car

perfect body

Gap-dressed kids

And start to see motherhood the way God sees it:

a confident woman relying on Christ to raise world changers in His strength

Hey! I’m Ashley

I’m here to help you let go of mom-guilt and expectations. 

I want to give you the tools to be more present so you can enjoy your children,

develop purpose between loads of laundry,

and build your confidence

so you don’t ever have to chase a Pinterest dream, crazy fashion trend or diet again.

Take Your Motherhood from Tired to Purposeful

Get rid of the mindset traps and the piles of stuff that are adding to your overwhelm.

Get faith-based systems that help you simplify your space, find your purpose, and parent with intention.

Say Goodbye to Low Self-Esteem

Mama, it’s time to trade fear and insecurity for love and confidence. Give me 21 days and I’ll take you from low self-esteem to unshakeable confidence.

Breathe life into your walk with the Lord in 5 minutes a day.

Put down the diet and say hello to freedom

Do your kids see you constantly stepping on the scale? Or hear you berating the way you look?

I’ll teach you how to ditch the diets and be the mom you want them to remember.