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11 Habits of a Confident Woman | AshleyVarner.com #christianwomeninbusiness #christianmom #confidence

11 Habits of a Confident Woman

Today I want to talk about the habits that will help you become a confident woman.

11 Habits of a Confident Woman #ChristianMom #ConfidentWoman

I’ll be briefly diving into each habit, but if you are struggling with confidence, make sure to get my 21 Bible study ‘Walking in Confidence’ to start building your confidence with Christ.

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1. She knows WHOSE she is.

You need to know whose you are, and you need to remind yourself daily.

Know that you belong to Christ.

I talk to my children about this regularly. I tell them that they are special not because of anything they have done or could do, but simply because they are mine.

In the same way, we are valuable not because of anything we have done, but because we belong to God.

11 Habits of a Confident Woman #ChristianMom #ConfidentWoman

2. She spends time in God’s Word.

Many times, we get caught up in worrying over what other people think about us, but the only thing that matters is what God thinks about us.

How do we know what God thinks about us? We dive into His Word! (This is where the ‘Walking in Confidence’ Bible study will come in handy.)

Spending time in God’s Word is going to make you more confident in your marriage, parenting, workplace, and ministry. You will always walk away from God’s Word with more confidence than before.

11 Habits of a Confident Woman #ChristianMom #ConfidentWoman

3. She does not let the world define her.

Tabloids and magazines will always try to tell you how to define yourself. They will define you based on you weight and appearance.

You have to let the Word define who you are. Going back to habit 2, you’ll have to read your Bible to find out how God defines you, but that will be well worth it.

4. She holds her thoughts captive.

This is so important because almost every other habit stems from this. Everything you do starts as a thought.

Are your thoughts obedient to God?

When you get a thought, you don’t have to keep it. You can choose not to believe thoughts that don’t line up with God’s Word. Don’t dwell on thoughts that don’t line up with the Bible.

5. She refuses to compare herself to others.

Comparison works both ways. We can compare ourselves to people who are worse than us to make ourselves feel better, and we can compare ourselves to people who are doing better to tear ourselves down.

Comparison is the thief of joy. You will never feel happy or satisfied if you are comparing yourself to someone else.

11 Habits of a Confident Woman #ChristianMom #ConfidentWoman

6. She allows her confidence to ripple out to those around her.

If you are a confident woman, you will help others be confident about themselves.

I don’t have this all figured out. I work everyday to try to be confident and make others confident. Yet, I’m sure I fall short, and that’s okay.

We need to remember that our confidence isn’t to look good in front of other people, but instead to encourage and empower others. I want my confidence to help others feel the same way.

It won’t be our confidence that helps those around us. It will be the source. It is God’s power in us that will give confidence to others.

7. She knows God’s purpose for her life and pursues it.

Finding God’s purpose for your life will be a life-long journey. Although your purpose may not change, it will look different in the different stages of your life.

When you are using your confidence to further the Kingdom of God, you will find purpose.

I have a worksheet and program called ‘Your Passion + His Purpose’ to help you discover how God designed your passion for His purpose.

11 Habits of a Confident Woman #ChristianMom #ConfidentWoman

8. She looks outward. (She gives to others.)

Can I tell you what bothers me about the self-help industry? It talks a lot about self-esteem, but we don’t get our confidence from ourselves.

Confidence isn’t something you find in yourself for yourself. Your confidence is meant to help others.

I occasionally struggle with bouts of depression, but I have discovered that these moments of depression are a prompting to give to others. When I start pouring into others, God begins to fill me with confidence.

My bouts of depression are often linked to my physical health. I have an auto-immune diseases that can take a toll on my emotions. However, when I am feeling down about my condition, lifting someone else up helps me to take the focus off of myself.

9. She prioritizes her marriage.

It is difficult to be confident when your marriage is struggling. Marriage is the most important earthly relationship you will have.

If you are single, you can prepare your heart for what God has planned for you (whether that includes a husband or not).

10. She priorities her home and family

When you value your family, you won’t have to feel alone. You’ll know that your family is beside you, and that helps to develop confidence.

Your whole family will benefit as well.

11 Habits of a Confident Woman #ChristianMom #ConfidentWoman

11. She gets uncomfortable.

This has been a huge part of my life. ‘Uncomfortable’ was my word for 2019, and this word has definitely affected my year.

For me, this often meant experiencing hurt. As a new foster parent, I had to say goodbye to several kids that went back to their bio parents. I had to watch my kids go through difficult times, and my family had a few scary accidents this year that caused me pain as a mother.

Every time you get outside of your comfort zone, you build your confidence. You begin to realize that you can do things with God that you couldn’t do on your own.

How to Be More Confident #HowtobemoreConfident #Moreconfident #ChristianMom