How to Be Confident | Your Value in Christ | Ashley Varner

How to Be Confident | Your Value in Christ

Where does your confidence come from? Really?

We all know the Sunday School answer. “My confidence comes from knowing who I am in Christ.” But how do we actually live that out? How do we take the knowledge of God’s Word and actually infiltrate it into our daily living?

When you don’t get invited to coffee with friends.

When you struggle through a presentation at work.

When you feel unseen by the people who matter most to you.

In today’s video, I’m sharing how to take what you know from God’s Word and actually apply it to your day.

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CONFIDENCE SERIES: How to Be Confident | Your Value in Christ

Where does your confidence come from? Really? I mean, we all know the Sunday school answer. My confidence comes from knowing who I am in Christ. And I talk a lot about that on this channel, but how do we actually live that out? 

How do you live out the confidence that you know is yours in Christ Jesus? 

How do we to take the knowledge of God’s word, and actually infiltrate it into our lives? So whenever you aren’t invited to go to coffee with a group of friends, or you struggle with a presentation at work, or maybe you feel unseen by the people who matter the most to you. 

How does knowing who you are in Christ actually look in your daily life? 

There’s a quote by Beth Moore that I love, and she says, “God’s word has the power to change your life, but it also has the power to change your day.” 

Today I wanna talk to you about your worth in Christ, and how that translates into your day-to-day confidence. Let’s get started. 

Hey there, and welcome back to The Renewed Mind. I am so glad that you are here. If you have been watching for a while, I wanna say thank you. And if this is the first time that you have seen one of my videos, I just wanna say welcome. And if you haven’t subscribed yet, make sure to hit that subscribe button, because I give weekly videos on mindset, confidence, and really just learning how to live out God’s best for your life all from a biblical perspective. So make sure to hit that subscribe button, and be notified for every video that comes out. 

Let’s talk a little bit about how you can be confident. This is the last video in my confidence series, and I wanna talk to you about your value in Christ. Now, before we jump in, I just wanted to share that I have a free download for all of my subscribers this month all about confidence. And it includes some confidence affirmations that are all biblically-based. So you can check that out. You can go to, and I’ll leave a link in the description below for you. So that’s just a free gift from me to you for watching and being part of this confidence series.

Let’s talk about where your confidence comes from because we all know the Sunday school answer that it comes from knowing who you are in Christ. But like I said in the introduction, how do you live that out? How do you figure out where the rubber meets the road in regards to what you know that God says about you, and how that translates to your day-to-day living. 

I wanted to give an example from my son. My family just adopted a three-year-old, and we’ve had him since he was tiny. And one of the things that I love seeing from children is how what they do translates into our spiritual lives. I noticed the other day he was running around for his third birthday, his aunt and uncle, and his cousin got him a Hulk costume. He’s got his little Hulk mask and his cape, and he runs around acting like a superhero. And I started watching him put on this mask, and how it changed his perspective. It changed the way that he talked, the way that he acted. He was more bold in being a little bit defiant, to be honest. Whenever he had his Hulk mask on, he felt like he was a different person. But the problem with wearing a mask is that it eventually has to come off, right? And it doesn’t really change who you are on the inside. Whenever he wears this mask, it makes him feel different, but at the end of the day, he’s still the same three-year-old that runs around and plays. 

As adults, we wear masks too. And the masks that we might put on might be achievement or perfection. 

Maybe beauty is a mask that you put on. The problem with masks is that they don’t change our identity. So you can have a mask of achievement, and accomplish a lot of things. 

Maybe in your professional life, you are very successful, but on the inside, it didn’t really do anything to change your confidence. It’s because it’s a mask. 

Whenever we start to identify who we are by what we’re wearing, by the mask that we’re wearing, it begins to really just be a superficial form of identity, because at any time that mask can come off. 

When I talk to so many of my clients, they are wearing a mask, and they know God’s word, so I’ve written the word worthy on this post-it note because God’s word says that I am worthy through Christ. 

They’re wearing a mask, and they try to stick on what God’s word says about them onto a mask. And for a while, it might stick, right? But the problem with post-it notes is that eventually, they fall off, and especially whenever we are wearing a mask, and we’re trying to put these post-it notes of who God says that we are all over our masks, it’s never going to stick. 

Whenever we consider our value in Christ, God wants us to have that ingrained in our hearts. Our value and our worth in Christ has to be so ingrained in who we are, not what we’re doing, but who we are becoming, that it’s not a post-it note fix it problem. It’s actually ingrained in who we are. 

That’s one reason why I’ve created this free download for you guys because it gives you powerful truths about who you are. And the more that we meditate on God’s word, the more that we understand what God is saying to us, and about us, and we turn our thoughts into his thoughts, then that’s whenever our confidence comes from the inside out. 

We talk a lot on this channel about confidence and mindset, and if you’ve watched for any time at all, then you know that I teach that your thoughts are where everything starts. It’s not your circumstance, but your thoughts that change your emotions, your actions, and your outcome. 

Whenever we consider the idea that what God says about us is the truth, it is the only truth, then it begins to be ingrained in our lives, in our hearts, and that’s how it comes out in our day-to-day living. 

Whenever you’re not invited to that coffee with friends, it’s not this huge push against your confidence. It’s just a circumstance that happens. And you can take that circumstance, and put it up against what God’s word says about you, and not being invited to something, or not doing well on a presentation, or something like that doesn’t derail all of your confidence, because that’s not what your confidence is based in. 

Going back to the example of my son, whenever he was adopted, he took on our last name. That is something that is now ingrained in his life. He is a Varner. He is part of our family. It’s nothing that he did. He didn’t have to put on the identity like he does a mask. He didn’t have to do that. He just was himself. And because of who accepted him, it changed his identity. Now his name is different than it was before we adopted him. His identity, his future is different now than it was before we adopted him. 

Whenever I think about adoption, I think about being chosen. He was chosen. We made the decision to adopt a child actually before he was even born. We chose him to come into our home, we chose to adopt him. We did it because of the value we saw in him. He didn’t have to prove himself to us. He didn’t have to act a certain way, or be a certain way in order for us to choose to adopt him. He just was himself. We chose him, because of a calling that we had on our lives from the Lord. 

God has adopted you into his family. He has chosen you. That’s where your worth comes from. It doesn’t come from doing the right thing all the time. It doesn’t come from having to prove yourself by doing a lot of good works or good deeds. It comes from you being his child. Whenever you experience your worth in Christ that way, you can realize that there are three truths that God says about you. 

I’m gonna go through them today in this video. And if you want to go deeper, then make sure to grab that free download. 

You Are Accepted

The first is you are accepted. Being who you are, you are accepted by God. There’s nothing that you have to do to get cleaned up, to come to him. When you live your life out of this knowledge that you are accepted by Christ, it changes everything about your life, because you still want to do good things. You still wanna do the right thing, but it comes out of a love for God, not out of a longing to be accepted. 

Being accepted is definitely something that I think a lot of us struggle with. We wanna be part of the crowd. We wanna be accepted. We wanna have that friend group. And when that doesn’t happen, it can be hard to keep our confidence, and our value uplifted and having that continual confidence.

You Are Secure.

That’s why we have to be rooted in the fact that we are accepted by Christ. The second truth about your value in Christ is that you are secure. You can know that your security doesn’t come from money in a bank account. It doesn’t come from a diagnosis from a doctor, but your confidence is held secure in the firm foundation of Christ. You can know that there’s no insecurity that you can’t overcome through the knowledge that is yours in Christ Jesus, through his word, through knowing who you are in him. 

In that free download, there’s a bunch of verses that help you to get this truth deep into your heart. Sometimes it seems like knowing that you’re secure is maybe not as, it doesn’t feel as important as being accepted, but being secure, knowing that you are gonna be okay, knowing that no matter what, God works for the good for those who love him, and are called according to his purpose, that is what makes you secure, not the circumstances that are around you.

You Are Significant

The last truth about who you are in Christ is that you are significant. You have a purpose, and whenever you are walking in the full confidence of who you are in Christ, you’re able to truly live out that purpose. 

If you’re struggling with seeing where you’re at, and not knowing exactly how you’re living out your purpose, or how you’re working for the kingdom, then I wanna make sure that you know about 180 Confidence. It’s a six-month mastermind that I created for women, specifically professional women who are successful in their fields, but they don’t feel an alignment between that success and the calling that they have on their lives to be significant in God’s kingdom. They have that success, but they don’t feel aligned with their inner confidence, and it doesn’t match up. 

I wanna work with you. If that sounds like something that you want to grow in, and grow in your confidence, make sure to check out 180 Confidence. I wanna work with you, and show you how your confidence has nothing to do with your success, but how you can build on that success, and really grow into the woman that God wants you to be. It is going to be a hybrid program. And it’s really something that I have been laboring on. And it’s been a labor of love for me, because it is my a goal for every woman to be able to walk in the confidence that is theirs as a daughter of the King. So you are able to walk in confidence every day, no matter what your circumstance is. 

It doesn’t have to be that easy simple Sunday school answer of just knowing who you are in Christ. It can be something that you live out every single day. Your value in Christ can be your testimony, your value in Christ and the way that you live that out on a daily basis can be the way that you show the world who He is. 

Just like my little son, it’s okay if you struggle with wanting to put on a mask every now and then, but at the end of the day, it’s important to know who your father is. My son at the end of the day, he always wants to cuddle with my husband. He always wants to be with his dad. And he knows that he doesn’t have to do anything. He knows that it doesn’t matter if he’s gotten in trouble that day, or didn’t eat all of his food, it doesn’t matter what the circumstances of the day included, he knows that at the end of the day, he can always crawl up in his daddy’s lap, and he’s always going to be accepted, secure, and significant in our family. 

And so at the end of the day, you can go to the Lord, and be that same way. You can go to him saying, I know the circumstances of the day, I know that I failed in this area, I know that this circumstance had me feeling like there was no hope, but at the end of the day, I know I can come to you, Lord, sit in your lap, and rest in the knowledge that I am secure, accepted, and significant in your eyes. That’s where your confidence really comes from. That’s how you can be confident every day. I know this is a little bit different than most of my teaching, but I wanted to come to you with a heart to heart, to just share that your confidence, the way to be confident, is to know where your confidence comes from. And it comes from who you belong to. 

Your worth comes from who created you. It doesn’t have to be the things that you do. It doesn’t have to be the things that you accomplish, how many tasks got off of your to-do list, how many goals you met, and I love all of those things. 

I love setting goals. I love accomplishing things and being productive, but at the end of the day, those flow out of love that I have for God, and wanting to please him, not out of an obligation, or trying to prove my worth to him. 

So once you get to that point, and you know that your confidence comes from who you are in him, who you belong to, that’s whenever you can start living it out every single day. That’s my prayer for you today. I hope that you enjoyed this encouragement, and I will see you next time.

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