How to Build a Confidence Mindset

We all want more confidence, but how do you build a confidence mindset? Is it just repeating affirmations every day?

How do you get the truth of who God says you are so ingrained in your mind that you can walk with a confidence that lasts day after day.

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We all want a more confident mindset but what does that really look like? How do you build a confidence mindset? Is it about just repeating the same affirmations over and over every day? How do you think? How do you get the truth of God’s word so ingrained in your heart that you can walk with confidence every day no matter what circumstances are happening? 

That’s what we’re gonna talk about in today’s video. That’s what we’re gonna talk about in today’s episode. 

Hey there, my friends. And welcome back to the Renewed Mind. I am so glad to have you here and I want to, first off, make sure that you know about a free download that I’m offering to all of my subscribers this month. So after you watch this video, make sure to click the link in the description to get your free copy of a workbook that talks all about confidence. It gives you some affirmations, it gives you some action points to take so that you can build your confidence God’s way. 

Let’s get started talking about how you can build a confidence mindset because so often we start thinking that it has to be this big change in our life that makes us confident. You know, that we finally hit that milestone, we finally hit that goal weight, we finally hit that income goal, and then all of a sudden we’re walking in confidence every day. But really that is the furthest thing from the truth because what we have to do is walk in a confidence mindset first and then those things start to show up in our lives. I have four steps for you today to build a confidence mindset.

Identify Thought Patterns

And the first step is to identify your thought patterns. So often we are allowing things to come into our minds, thoughts to come into our thinking. Thoughts just infiltrate our hearts and our minds that we’re not aware of the fact that they are thoughts in the first place. So we look at these sentences that are in our minds, these thoughts that come into our minds and we automatically determine them and we automatically just assume that they’re the truth. We assume that they are non-negotiable, that there’s not anything that we can do about these thoughts that are coming into our minds. That is really the first step is to become aware of what you’re thinking. 

Joyce Meyer said, “We have to start thinking about what we’re thinking about.” And I love that idea because so often like I said, we are just allowing the thoughts that come into our minds to really just rule and dictate the way that we feel and the way that we act. 

So if you can become aware of those thought patterns first, then what happens is you can start to make changes to those thought patterns. 

There’s a quote from Martin Luther that I love. And he says, “You can’t stop a bird from flying over your head, but you can stop it from building a nest in your hair.” 

And I love that truth because that is the next step in building a confidence mindset.

Align Your Thoughts With God’s Word

After you are aware of the thoughts that you’re thinking, you are identifying those thought patterns, then the next step is to challenge those thought patterns by aligning your thoughts with God’s word. 

Just because the thought comes into your mind does not mean that you are required to continue thinking that thought or to believe that thought. 

What we have to do is challenge our thinking to line up with the truth of God’s word. There’s a lot of talk out there about your truth and my truth, and really we have to be careful about that because there’s not one truth or another truth. There’s only God’s truth. 

And so whenever you begin to take that truth and start to challenge your thinking based on God’s truth, you start lining up what you believe versus what God’s word says, that is when you can start to build confidence because you have thoughts that come into your mind like “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t have enough talent” or “I don’t have as much experience as that other person.” And whenever we have those kinds of thoughts, we can challenge them against the truth of God’s word. 

So we can challenge them against the truth that we are called by God to do good works, that we are equipped by God to do the things that he’s called us to do. As you begin to align your thoughts with God’s word, what happens is those thoughts that don’t line up have to be dealt with. And we start to view those thoughts with a critical eye instead of just allowing those thoughts to come into our minds to build a nest in our hair, as Martin Luther said, then what we are challenging is we’re saying we’re not going to just accept this thought as truth when God’s word says something else. 

Whenever you feel worthless or you feel unloved, what you can do is look at God’s word, see the truth of what he says about you, and allow that truth to start to build your confidence.

Replace Any Misaligned Thoughts With Truth

That brings me to the third step in building a confidence mindset and that is to replace any misaligned thoughts with truth. It’s not enough just to be aware of what you’re thinking and to know that it doesn’t line up with God’s word. 

What we have to do is replace the thoughts that we are experiencing and the thoughts that we’re thinking. We have to replace them with the truth of God’s word. That means we have to know God’s word. You have to search out the truth and really discover what truth in God’s word that are contradicting the toxic thoughts that are in your mind. 

If you are filling thoughts of inadequacy, what we have to do is go to God’s word, find truths in his word that contradict that toxic thought that you are not adequate. And then start to build those thoughts. Start to replace your thoughts with God’s thoughts. And this is one reason why I love meditating on God’s word. 

And if you want to check out some of the guided meditations that I have on this channel, they are Christian meditations. I don’t want people to get confused on the differences. So I’ll leave a link in the show notes to some resources about this but I have created some guided Christian meditations for you to really center your thinking to be aware of your thoughts and to replace those thoughts with God’s word. If you want to check out those guided meditations, make sure that you click on that link. If you have some topics that you would love for me to cover in future guided meditations, maybe things like clarity or anxiety, please put a note in the comments below letting me know, “Hey, you know, I really would love a Christian meditation on anxiety or on clarity or on purpose.” Let me know so that I can create those for you because, really, replacing those misaligned thoughts with God’s word is the biggest part of this entire process. 

Because if you want to have a confident mindset, it has to come from a place that is unshakable. So if you try to place your confidence in the circumstances around you, if you try to base your confidence on the amount of money in the bank or the number on the scale, or how big your team is, or how many followers you have, that number is always going to change. And so if you want confidence that is unshakable, then you have to build your mindset and your confidence on someone who is unshakable, someone who is greater than you, and that is the Lord.

Consistently Build Neuropathways Until The Truth Tears Down Strongholds

After you have searched out truth that contradicts those toxic thoughts, the last step in building a confidence mindset is to consistently build neuropathways until the truth tears down those strongholds. So that is a huge chunk of information. Let me break it down a little bit. 

The first word in that whole step is to be consistent.  That means daily meditating on God’s word. It means daily being aware and identifying those bad thought patterns, those toxic thought patterns. It means daily seeing, if they line up, and replacing them every day. This is a consistent process. If you are constantly building these thought patterns and you are building and really growing the thoughts that line up with God’s. 

As you consistently replace your thoughts with God’s thoughts, what that does physically in your brain is it creates neuropathways for your brain. So if I like to explain neuropathways as the first time that you a drive car. So whenever you jump into the car the very first time, you’ve taken your driver’s test and you’re on the road, every little bit of information is coming at you, right? You know exactly how hard you’re pressing on the pedal. Everything feels brand new. You’re trying to remember which way to click the blinker. You are looking in your rear view mirror. Everything feels new and difficult. But as you build your skills in driving a car, you can jump in the car and you’re not thinking about all of the small steps because your brain has already built and strengthened neuropathways. So think of your confidence mindset as the same way. 

The first time that you replace a thought with God’s word, it’s gonna feel new and difficult and just more work, right? It feels like you have to do everything with intention. And sometimes people get a little bit caught up on that and they think “Is this how my life is always gonna be if I want to build confidence? Am I always going to be fighting against this? Is it ever gonna become like second nature? Is it ever going to become like second nature?” And the answer is yes. 

The more that you are consistent and you build those neuropathways in your brain, the more that thinking like Christ becomes second nature in your life. So instead of those thoughts that you’ve been building maybe for years and decades that those thoughts that you aren’t good enough or aren’t talented enough, those are strong neuropathways in your brain right now. It’s easy for your brain to head down that way. And so whenever you start replacing your thoughts with God’s thoughts, what you’re doing is blazing a new trail, right? And so your brain automatically wants to go back to what’s easy and what is that strong thinking in your mind already. 

So, yes, it’s gonna take some time and intention and hard work to replace that. But as you are consistent every day, meditating on God’s word, and repeating this pattern every day, you’re building those neuropathways. And once you build those neuropathways, the truth of God’s word, the power of God’s word breaks down the strongholds that are in your life. 

So you may not have ever thought of negative thinking or an insecure thought or even an insecure mindset or feeling like you’re not good enough as a stronghold in your life, but, really, a stronghold is anything, any thought, that has a stronghold on you. So anything that has a stronghold on your thinking is a stronghold. 

And I know that’s a really simplified definition. But for us, it’s important for us to remember that we are tearing down strongholds in our lives by applying God’s truth to our daily actions. So whenever you’re meditating on God’s word every day, whenever you are choosing to be aware of the thoughts that are coming into your mind and intentionally changing them and replacing them with the truth of God’s word, you are tearing down strongholds. 

God has given you the power through his Holy Spirit to do this. And if you begin to do this on a regular basis, you will experience more confidence than you can imagine because it’s based on the unshakable truth and worth that is yours in Christ Jesus. 

So like I said, for all of my subscribers this week, I’m offering the free download of the confidence affirmations. This is all about saying goodbye to insecurity and really replacing insecure thoughts with confident thoughts. And so I give you tons of verses that you can use to start meditating on. Make sure to check out those guided meditation videos on the channel. 

Not only do I have that resource and the guided meditations on the channel, but I also have two other resources if you want to go deeper in your confidence, growth, and mindset. 

The first is a six-week self-paced program called the Mindset Reset. It is available to purchase right now and it is six weeks worth of teaching and training on taking your thoughts away from your circumstances and really applying them in a new biblical way so that you can experience growth in your emotional balance, learning how to deal with negative emotions, and then finally having actions and success that lines up with those thoughts. So you can check that out. 

If you’re wanting to get even deeper and really work with me on a personal basis, then I really recommend that you check out 180 Confidence. It is the brand new mastermind that we have available and it is amazing. I am seeing such great results from the women and the clients that I have in this program. It’s six months of intensive work on confidence. We’re gonna cover things like the foundations of a confidence mindset. We’re gonna talk about body confidence, confidence at work, building better relationships, having the outside of your world matching your inner confidence. And so make sure to check all of those resources out. 

There is something for everybody. So check those out and I will see you next time.

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