How to Create a Prayer Room | My War Room Tour | Ashley Varner

How to Create a Prayer Room | My War Room Tour

Do you have a dedicated place to pray? It could be a closet, a room, or just a corner in your home! Today I’m sharing how you can create a prayer room and I’m giving you a tour of mine!

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The Yoga Abbey:
Soultime Meditation App:
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Today, I want to talk to you about one of the biggest, if not the biggest, ways that you can start to change your life and your attitude and mindset, and that is through prayer, and it is really important to have a specific place to pray. 

Now, that might be a corner in your living room. It might be a specific place in your bedroom, but if you have the space, I really want to encourage you to create a war room or a prayer room. 

This can be a closet that you’re not using. It can be a full room in your house, but I wanted to share some ideas for how you can create your prayer room. 

And then, like I said, I want to give you a tour of mine. 

The first thing that I really want you to look at whenever you’re creating a space to pray is a comfortable place to sit. That might be a chair. It might be at a desk. It really depends on how you do your Bible reading and Bible study. 

So, if you have your Bible study and you like to spread everything out on a table, then I would recommend a desk with a chair that fits to the desk. If your normal prayer routine includes just reading your Bible and sitting in a comfortable chair, then make sure that you have something that’s available for you. 

The next thing that I want you to add to your prayer room is your vision board. I am a big proponent of goals and productivity, but really, I work to make sure that all of the goals that I set and the visions that I have for my life are really biblically based and grounded in God’s will for my life.

So, in my prayer room, I have my vision board all set up. My vision board this year is actually created out of a scarf hanger that I had two of them and sewed together and then I kind of just pinned all of the different photos and my goals onto this vision board. 

It is right where I can see it every day so as I begin my day with prayer and Bible study, I can see the goals up on the board, I can see the vision the God has placed in my heart, and just having that in front of my mind makes such a big difference in my day. 

The next thing that I want you to add to your prayer room is a place to write. So, you have a comfortable place to sit, but I also recommend having a desk or some kind of hard surface for you to write on. That way, as you’re studying your Bible, you can spread everything out, you have a place to take notes, you have a place to work, and if you have something already set up, it makes your prayer time go so much smoother because now you have a purpose for everything in your prayer room. You’re not searching out things and places, and places to sit down and trying to find a chair. All that stuff. It’s already set up for you. So often we neglect our prayer time just because it takes so much effort to gather all the stuff together, so if you have a place to write, definitely make sure that your prayer room includes that. 

The next thing I want you to think about whenever you’re creating your prayer room is to have mood lighting or even different types of lighting. The chair that I sit at in the mornings whenever I’m praying, there’s a lamp there. I also have lighting above. I just make sure that there is enough lighting in the room so whether or not I’m reading the Bible when it’s dark outside like in the wintertime in the mornings or I have a lot of natural light coming in from the windows, I just want to make sure that there’s enough lighting in the room for me so that whenever I’m reading my Bible and praying that it’s really an atmosphere that’s conducive to that. 

Now, some people might not agree with this, but this is something for you visual people out there. I’m definitely a visual person, and so I have very lovely and beautiful things to look at in my prayer room. I have a shelf, you can see it behind me, set up with all kinds of beautiful things and things that mean something to me. I have artwork on the walls and things like that that are really beautiful that I want to surround myself with whenever I’m reading my Bible and praying in the morning. Now, this isn’t necessary. You don’t have to have this fancy prayer room or anything like that to pray, but whenever we have a specific, dedicated place to be with the Lord, to study His word, it really beckons to us, right? It calls us to Him. When you have a beautiful place to pray and read your Bible, it just motivates you that much more to get into God’s word. 

I love worship. I was a worship leader for many years, and in my prayer room, I actually have a piano that I will sit at and worship and play worship music. One thing I love about my piano is that it does have a hookup for headphones, and so if I am worshiping and praying and reading the Bible very early in the morning, I can just plug my headphones in and I’m not bothering the rest of the family, but I love worship. I think it is the perfect way to get our hearts and minds right and focused on the Lord. 

And so if you can find even something to play music on, if you have your phone or an iPad, maybe a little radio or something that you can play worship music on, maybe you don’t really necessarily need an instrument, but you can have something where you’re playing worship music as you are reading your Bible and praying. 

It really just adds to the atmosphere, and we all know how that feels whenever we’re at the altars praying and the music is playing, you know, the band is up there and you’re worshiping, and maybe you’re not finished worshiping yet, and the band is finished and they leave and they play, you know, some music over the speakers. 

We all know how that feels whenever the atmosphere and the mood of the room just shifts, and so make sure that you are setting yourself up for success in your prayer time by having things like worship music playing or an instrument that you can play on your own to just create that atmosphere of worship. 

Now I wanted to talk about just a few props, for lack of a better word, a few objects that you can have in your prayer room that can really benefit your prayer life. 

The first is things like candles, things that really set the mood and tone to just have an intimate relationship with the Lord, so whenever you are reading your Bible early in the morning and it’s still dark out, make sure to have some candles or some soft lighting to just create that atmosphere. 

Make sure that you have your Bible. I know that seems self-explanatory, but if that means having a basket full of, like, your Bible journal, and your Bible, and some highlighters and pens and things like that, things like Kleenexes, tissues. 

I know I really can’t go through a Bible study or prayer time without having some kind of crying involved, or it always seems like, you know, right whenever you sit down to read your Bible or pray, you have to blow your nose, so make that all of those things are right there for you. It just takes out all of the obstacles from praying and reading your Bible out the window. It just takes them all out so that you can just focus on the Lord. 

Now, I wanted to mention that if you are a digital girl like me, I have a digital Bible study journal in my Etsy shop. 

Prayer Journal Pages on The Renewed Mind Etsy Store:

But really what it is is you open it up on an app like GoodNotes or Notability. You can keep track of your sermon notes, your Bible study time, your prayer journal, all of that. It’s right there for you. So, I am definitely a digital girl, and it took some time for me to make the switch to a digital prayer journal, but after I realized that after I was done with that journal, I could print it off and actually have it physically in my hands, I love the idea of it still being my handwriting, me still putting pen to paper, basically, and then being able to print that off at the end of the year or each month, if I wanted to. So, make sure that you check it out. It is in “The Renewed Mind” Etsy shop. You can see that there and just download it immediately and it’ll be ready for ya. 

The last thing that I wanted to recommend that you add to your prayer room is some way to move and stretch, and I have recently found The Yoga Abbey. It is a Christian yoga program, and I have been so blessed by it. So, I know that there’s some controversy with Christians and doing yoga, but what I really believe is true is that it depends on what you’re thinking about as you’re going through these stretches and movements, and so I found The Yoga Abbey. I will leave a link to her.

The Yoga Abbey: 

This isn’t an affiliate or anything like that. It’s just a resource that I love, and she will give yoga lessons, so it can be from beginners all the way up to advanced, but she gives you different moves and stretches as she’s giving you verses and you’re meditating on God’s word. And so if you have some type of mat, or I have my yoga blocks, those kinds of things, in your prayer room, that is part of my morning routine. 

So, I come into my prayer room and I read my Bible, I pray, I have my prayer journal there, I’ll listen to some worship music, and then I get on my mat and do some stretching and just prepare for the day, really meditating on God’s word. 

Another resource that I would recommend is Soultime. 

Soultime Meditation App:

It is a Christian meditation app that you can get on your phone or your iPad. Those are two resources that I use on a daily basis that really help me to connect my heart, my mind, my body, my spirit altogether because God cares about your body, He cares about your mind, your mental abilities, and He cares about your spirit, so anytime that your prayer room can include all of those things, it’s a plus. 

All right, I just wanna say thank you for watching this, and if you have any questions about how to set up your prayer room, maybe you don’t have a full space that you can use and you just want some ideas, make sure to leave a note in the comments, a question in the comments, and I’d be happy to help you. 

I know that there have been times in different homes that we’ve had where I haven’t had a full room to just dedicate to my prayer time, and so I’ve used a corner or I’ve used a closet, things like that. So, definitely leave some questions in the comments, and I’d be happy to help you. 

All right, I’m going to end with just a quick tour of my prayer room for you guys to see, and I will see you guys next week. 

Okay, so now I want to give you guys a tour of my prayer room, and I wanted to start by showing the entrance. It’s kind of an archway in our home, and so my sweet husband installed some sliding doors up here, and one thing that I really liked about this was that the archway was really too wide for one door, and so we found this sliding setup where the first one comes through and then after it clicks that next wheel, it pulls across and then there’s like a stopper right there, so that is one thing I really like that’s kind of brand new. It was kind of my Christmas present this year, and kind of keeps a little bit more private, and I just really like that feature a lot. So, if you are finding that you have a space that needs some kind of barrier there, there’s a lot of different options there. 

The next in this little tour is my piano. So, if you’ve been following for very long, then you know that I used to be a worship leader. I was for, man, like 15 years, and so I still have my piano here that I use for my personal prayer time, so that is here in my prayer room. 

I have my vision board up on the wall. This is something that I wanted to have in my prayer room because I want as I’m praying to be able to pray over the goals that I have for the year. 

Now, the next thing in my prayer room that I really love is this shelving here, and I purchased it on Amazon. It’s gold. It has, like, marble pieces. They’re not real marble, but they look like marble. And then I filled it with things that really mean a lot to me. 

So, I have our prayer frame here. This is a frame that I purchased on Etsy. I looked. I’ll try to link something similar. This isn’t available anymore, but there’s a hole in the top of the frame that you drop in these wooden hearts, and each of the hearts has, like, you write down an answered prayer on there so you can kind of see when we were called to foster, a friend of mine got a job, things like that. When we adopted our son, and then I have just some pretty things. I have this set of Bible journals that my sister-in-law gave to me as a gift one year for my birthday. Then I have my Bible, my prayer journal. 

Then I have a plant and I have my headphones here on purpose because, in a Bible study that I recently did, they were talking about how you can have the headphones of the Lord on and it makes dancing in this life so much easier whenever you’re listening to music. So, if you have the word of God, if you have the presence of God in the headphones, it makes it so much easier to live for Him, right? 

So, I have my first podcast microphone that I ever used. I have this pineapple here, which is one of my favorite symbols. It comes from the phrase that says, “Be a pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.” So, that’s really why I love pineapples everywhere. 

Have a couple of other pretty things, and then I have my yoga blocks and my yoga mat because this is where I do all my morning, like, stretching and things like that. 

So, then I just have some pretty things on the wall, have my chair that I pray at in the mornings with the lamp here, and then I’ve got my desk where I work and also where I film. 

So, this is just a quick tour of my prayer room. I hope that it helped you. Let me know in the comments things that you really like, things that you put into your prayer room, and if anything helped you. All right, I will see you guys next time.

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